Wednesday, May 27, 2015

I scream, you scream…

Summer is approaching and eventually we’ll see some warmer weather. Ice cream is a mainstay of American summers; it’s what we eat when it’s hot, when we gather, when we just need “something”. I’ve had to give up eating ice cream for two reasons: It causes my blood sugar to rise too high and I have trouble keeping my portions down to an appropriate size. Because of this, I paused before replying to a company that approached me to try their ice cream. “I can’t eat ice cream! I’ll just tell them, thanks but no thanks.” But then I took another look at their email and realized that what they were touting was supposed to be different. “We used monk fruit, which releases slowly into the body.  This could be a better option for those monitoring their blood sugar, and uses natural ingredients.” I figured, what the heck, I can eat ice cream…you know…for science. I replied and said: “I'd be happy to try it out and review it. I should warn you though that I eat a very low carb diet so my blood sugar may not react well regardless of where the sweetener comes from. I promise, however, to be honest with a caveat that others may have better luck.”

The ice cream arrived and I was surprised to find that they had sent me 6 pints of ice cream! Not only that, 2 of the pints were mint chocolate chip. How did they know that is possibly my favorite flavor? Evil people.

I knew that I needed to approach this testing with…lots of testing. My first taste (mint chocolate chip, of course) was done in the evening. I didn’t check my bg before but it was 121 90 minutes after! Wow. Next I tried it in the afternoon. The vanilla saw these results: 113 before and 129 after. Not bad! The butter pecan actually caused my bg to go down. 130 --> 124 which is basically flat but…I ate ice cream!!!

Needless to say, I’ve continued to eat the ice cream…you know, for science. I’m pleased to announce that this person, who doesn’t use insulin, is able to eat this ice cream without ill effects. It’s tasty! It’s creamy! It’s also expensive.

I had my husband and son try it (both non-D folks). Ray polished off the butter pecan and my son polished off the chocolate chip. I think that speaks for itself.
The company is called Graeter's and you can check out their website here.  They have stores, mostly in the mid-west, but they do have one in Caesars in Las Vegas! I know where I’m going when I attend next year’s UnConference. You can also order online.

I know that it is well circulated that PWD can eat anything, and many of you can. I’m not one of those people but I can eat this ice cream! I will need to remember to keep my portions small and not to eat it very often but those are issues I personally have with lots of other foods. I’m pleased to share this product with you and thank Graeter’s for reaching out to me. 

Ice cream!!!

Disclaimer: Graeter’s sent me this ice cream at no charge in return for trying it out. They did not require me to blog about it. My words are my own…and no one gets to eat any of the mint chocolate chip that’s still in my freezer but ME!


  1. My grandmother uses Monk Fruit sweetener in her coffee (in Australia) to help with her blood pressure. If only I could get the ice cream here in Oz!

  2. Love ice cream, and it's also tough to limit portion sizes. We've been going with the Orange Leaf which is more yogurt and custard, but it's tough to pass up the hot fudge sundaes on these warmer days... Hey, we do what we can, right?! And yes, an emphasis on CAN in the context of eating ice cream... :) (#TakeThatWendell, btw)

  3. I LOVE Graeter's ice cream, and enjoyed it so much when I was growing up in Cincinnati! Now I'm dying to try this out. And I'm totally up for a trip across to Caesar's next year for some ice cream!


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