Tuesday, May 19, 2015

By the book

I follow a website on FB called My Diabetes Secret. It’s an ingenious idea by Christopher Snyder (who just got married!!!!) to provide a place for PWD to anonymously share something about their diabetes that they have never told anyone. It’s interesting, and often heart-rending, to read what people have to say. There was a recent a post by someone who has T2. This person was so frustrated because they were doing “everything by the book” and yet their blood sugars were still out of whack. My first thought when reading this was, “maybe there’s something wrong with the book”.

I’ve written many times here about how PWD need to take charge of their diabetes and find what works for them. I’ve also written about how mad I am that the mainstream recommendations for people with type 2 seem to be completely backwards!

“I’m mad.  I’m indignant for all of us who are dealing with type 2 diabetes.  We’re vilified in the media for being fat and lazy when we aren’t much different from anyone else.  We’re told, even by the medical profession, that we can control our diabetes if we “simply” make some changes to our diet and increase our exercise, and yet, we are encouraged by those same medical professionals to continue to eat higher amounts of whole grains even if our meters tell us otherwise.  If our blood glucose numbers don’t go down, or continue to rise, we’re accused of cheating, of being non-compliant.  We’re told that diabetes is a progressive disease, but would it progress as quickly if we dramatically changed our carb intake early on?”

Clear back in 2013 (really much sooner than that) I was calling out the mainstream ideas of what we should be eating with type 2 diabetes. I was pleased beyond belief when Dr. Peter Attia gave this TedTalk. No one is going to listen to me, but here’s a doctor saying the same thing!

Well, sh!t just got serious! This article, written by yet another doctor, highlights the changes that the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics recommended to the 2015 Dietary Guidelines for Americans. Fat is no longer the villain, including saturated fat. When Americans were told to follow a low-fat diet, the fat was replaced with processed carbs (food pyramid fiasco). That correlates quite nicely with the rise in obesity and diseases like heart disease and type 2 diabetes. Hmmm. The other remarkable thing about this announcement is that these recommendations are being made based on…wait for it…science! Amazing! Low-fat recommendations all those years ago were NOT based on science.

There is a video part way down the page in the link above that is another TedTalk video discussing how we can reverse the tide of type 2 diabetes and I highly recommend you watch it (18 minutes long). While I have some serious issues with some of her wording, like her statement that patients no longer have diabetes, it’s really just semantics. She does clarify that if her patients were to return to eating a high-carb diet their diabetes would also return. They aren’t cured, they just have normal blood glucose without medication.

I’m not saying that everyone must immediately follow a low-carb diet. I’m simply pointing out that the science behind why obesity and type 2 diabetes is on the rise is beginning to find some traction in the medical world, and that’s awesome. Controlling our type 2 diabetes requires us to pay attention and understand how our bodies deal with glucose; how we can change what we eat in order to help heal our bodies. It also requires us to question and learn and seek out new ideas; ideas that might just turn the tide. I’m hopeful.


  1. Love this. Thanks for advocating and sharing!

  2. Wow...!?!?! Great writing, and thought ingredient advocates for change... !
    I'ma keep on pokin round in here!


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