Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Moving past the meh

Yesterday, I kicked butt and took names when it came to being active. I gladly jumped up on the treadmill and walked FAST and UPHILL for 30 minutes. I felt great!

Today, I ache all over and not because of yesterday’s exercise. Yes, I have a few sore muscles but that’s a good thing. No, I ache, like the flu. I’m finding it difficult to get out of the recliner and do anything. In fact, I’m so proud that I pushed myself to write this post. I seriously had to push myself. Sigh.

While thinking about the difference between yesterday and today, I remembered reading many, many times that some people just can’t make themselves exercise. It might be due to the boredom of the routine, it might be due to sore feet, it might be due to other chronic issues that cause pain. Whatever the reason, so many people just don’t exercise, often for very valid reasons.

The part of my brain that knows how much added exercise is vital to good health is balking at this realization. Why can’t I just go and walk? Why can’t others? It’s not that hard…and yet, it is.

Last week I had the privilege to participate in an online T2 summit. We talked about a lot of good things, including exercise. Kelly Rawlings reminded me that studies have shown that 30 minutes of exercise per day is beneficial, and that the exercise doesn’t have to be done all at once! Three 10-minute exercise session each day can have the same benefit as one 30-minute session. I knew that and yet I had forgotten. I’m always so focused on “get on that treadmill and WALK!” that I forget that I don’t have to put in 30 minutes in one stretch.  

So, thank you Kelly for the reminder. Today, I’m going to do just that. Three 10 minute sessions. I can do that. So can you. (And don’t forget to log your efforts at: http://bigbluetest.org/take-the-big-blue-test/ through 11/19/14 and help raise money for diabetes charities.)


  1. I can come up with all kinds of excuses but not one valid reason. I just don't want to do it.

  2. As someone who didn't ride his bike as planned yesterday, you've inspired me.

  3. I manage the exercise side of things almost without thinking about it now, but I struggle with emotional (over) eating every single day. The same guidance works for both, I think: do a little bit better today than yesterday; lather, rinse, repeat.

  4. I break my stationary bike rides into three 10-minute bike rides of high intensity done in intervals of 1 minutes high intensity and then 2 minutes low intensity. It works great at melting fat!


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