Saturday, November 1, 2014

It’s a matter of taste

I have spoken before how, over the course of several years, I’ve slowly changed what I eat. I have always adored bread. I used to eat too-large portions of pasta. Muffins. Potatoes. Cookies. Other stuff. Things have changed. I’ve found replacements or adjustments to a lot of my previous carb-heavy cravings and my portion sizes have reduced dramatically. I can still overeat stuff like a boss now and then, but I have found that my tastes have changed, slowly, and I often don’t get as much satisfaction out of those previous splurges as I used to. They just don’t taste as good. I don’t feel like they are worth the splurge.

I love to share ideas and foods in the hopes that someone else might find benefit in their D lives as well. Remembering that everyone is different, and so is their diabetes, I very much dislike it when someone touts a certain food or carb level or widget that “will make all the difference in your diabetes”. That makes it difficult for me to share recipes etc. since I have no idea if others will like it as much as I do and I don’t want anyone to think I’m saying that “this is the way”. 

I decided to begin sharing some of these foods with you, along with the caveat that they might not work for you. You might not like the flavor. You might not appreciate the texture. You might still be at a stage where you just can’t let go of your bread/pasta/potatoes/sweets. I realized that that’s ok. I’m just going to put it out there and let you decide for yourself.

I have been following some low-carb/paleo folks on FB just so I can find some new recipes. I’m not following a specific diet, especially not paleo, but you can find some great low-carb recipes on these websites. Here are a few I follow that often have great ideas: DJ Foodie, Holistically Engineered and The Low Carb Test Kitchen.  These folks will often post recipes from other food blogs, not just their own. I’m not telling you that “you simply must follow them!” I’m recommending them as a way to find new, low-carb recipes if that’s your desire.  

Bread. I like me some bread but I can’t eat “regular” bread without seeing blood glucose spikes, even the touted whole wheat variety. I’ve already shared with you a bread recipe that I like that is made with eggs and parmesan cheese. (It’s remarkable to me that it comes out like bread when there is no flour in it. Chemistry is amazing.) Yesterday I tried a different variety of bread and I like it. It’s “rye” bread, without the rye. It is higher in fat and only 1.8 grams of carbs per serving (based on what the author of the recipe says.) This bread is moist, but that can be dealt with in your toaster if you prefer. Non-grain breads are a lot denser than breads made with flour. It is an acquired taste/testure, but I’ve acquired it. You could too, if you want.  Here is the link to the recipe.

I had an egg sandwich this morning. That is one breakfast I truly enjoy and can no longer do with “regular” bread. It was yummy. I feel that I would be remiss if I didn’t share this recipe with you. You might not like it, but maybe you will. It’s a matter of taste.


  1. I left a comment but it disappeared after I selected the ' Comment as ' option... but I wanted to say that the recipes sound great for anyone !! Certainly is must be a healthier way to eat regardless of the reasons for it. Thanks for posting this !

    1. Sorry you had trouble commenting, Jodi. That happens to me now and then as well. I've gotten to where I copy what I type just in case I need to paste it back in! I'm glad you like the recipes. I hope you enjoy them.


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