Monday, June 30, 2014

Upcoming Events

The next two weeks promise exciting times!  I want to tell you about Master Lab and Type1/Type2 Conversations. 

First, I leave in the morning for Orlando, FL to attend the first-ever Master Lab. 

Master Lab is the brainchild of The Diabetes Hands Foundation and they describe it like this:

I cannot adequately describe how excited I am to be a part of this endeavor.  I hope to come home filled with ideas on how to improve the lives of people with diabetes and a belly full of fire ready to help make it happen.  Disclaimer: DHF has paid for my airfare and room while at Master Lab.  Without their support I wouldn’t be able to attend.  They have not asked me to blog about it, but just let them try to stop me!

The other exciting news I want to tell you about is an upcoming series of conversations that I’ll be having with Laddie from Test, Guess and Go.   Laddie has type 1 diabetes and she had the great idea to have a series of conversations between a type 1 (her) and a type 2 (me).  We will both be publishing the collaborate blogposts on our perspective blogs in the hopes of reaching more people.  We hope you’ll join us in our discussions.  I couldn’t say it any better than Laddie did today on her blog:

“The aim of these conversations is not to come to a consensus on a given topic or decide who is right and who is wrong.  Our purpose is to communicate and talk about these issues.  Both Kate and I believe that a strong diabetes community needs to reflect the voices of people with all types of diabetes and all experiences with diabetes:  Type 1, Type 2, LADA, parents, and so on.  We do not have to be the same in order to respect and support each other.  In fact we are stronger because of our diversity.   So let’s talk to each other and let’s learn from each other.”

 Stay tuned for the first post on July 8th where we talk about weight.