Saturday, April 26, 2014

Chasing Better Blood Sugars

I thought I would share an update on my quest for better blood glucose control.  I wrote before about starting a new medication: Januvia.  As predicted, I began experiencing stomach issues which at first weren’t so bad.  I could put up with mild cramping and trips to the bathroom in order to see the improvement to my fasting blood glucose.  Those fasting readings started hanging out in the 120s and sometimes the 1teens.  I even saw a 109!!!!  Cue the happy dance.  But then, at 3 weeks into the new medication regimen, all hell broke loose.  Ho-lee CRAP! (every pun intended…sorry.)  I was miserably sick to the point that I had to leave work on my one and only scheduled day.  Stomach cramps and bathroom camping became my new, miserable, kill-me-now norm.  It didn’t take me long to come to the conclusion that this was NO WAY to live my life.  I couldn’t wait it out to see if things would calm down.  I was miserable so I stopped taking the Januvia on day 32 (right after I spent $50 on the refill, of course).  It took about 5 days for things to calm down and I was so relieved.  Then the fasting numbers began to creep back up.  Now I’m back to the mid-130s most mornings with a couple of 160s thrown in for good measure.

Obviously the Januvia was working and the increase to my metformin can’t cut it alone, but I simply can’t live that way.  What can I do?  Well, I’ve decided to just wait and see.  I don’t really feel comfortable with these too-high fasting readings but I’m trying out my new attitude, as explained in my last post.  I’m doing my best to eat sensibly while allowing myself to splurge now and then.  (I’m honestly not splurging much at all.)  I know what I need to do to keep from seeing big spikes and I know that even when I’ve “been good” I may still see high fasting numbers.  I’m choosing to let it slide for a bit and not stress.

I truly don’t like the idea of more and more meds.  My A1c has been good, despite the morning highs.  I see my doctor in June so I’m going to wait and see what my numbers look like at that point.  I’ve always been a “do everything I can to keep my numbers low” kinda gal but I’m worn out.  I’m going to try being a “do the best I can and try not to panic” gal for a bit.  Meanwhile, life goes on and it’s good!


  1. Kate, I'm really glad you posted about this today! I don't like the idea of more and more meds either.

  2. Have you thought of insulin? Has to be better than Januvia. Best of luck, Maureen

    1. Oh I've thought of it, asked for it and been denied. My thoughts on insulin began here:


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