Monday, January 13, 2014

I used to…

Lately, I have found myself saying and thinking lots of things that begin with, I used to…

I used to be able to eat bread now and then without spiking too terribly.  Now I can’t.

I used to be able to take a higher-than-it-should-be glucose reading down to normal just by walking on my treadmill.  Exercise still does great things for my blood glucose but it never takes me down to normal any more.

I used to be able to bounce back from over-eating and get back on track without issue.  Not so much these days.

I used to be able to shake off the blues and get over it within a day or so.  Now?  Meh.

I need to get passed this ridiculous habit of wishing for what used to be and grasp the reality that my diabetes has progressed.  I also need to remember that:

I used to be able to touch my toes.  Honest!

I used to be able to stay up half the night and still function the next day.

I used to be able to get up off the floor without grunting.  (I can’t believe that I just admitted that I grunt/groan when getting off the floor.  Hey, at least I can still do it on my own!)

I used to eat a waaaaay too much pizza at one sitting.  That’s not something to brag about.

My point is that things change.  My diabetes has changed and I need to get a grip and deal with that fact instead of wishing for things that used to be.  I’m still struggling more than I’d like but, dammit, I don’t intend to give up the good fight.  I have tools.  I have skillz.  I intend to keep using them and I will, again, kick diabetes’s butt.  (You have no idea how much better I feel since I wrote this.  Score!)


  1. Love that attitude! If you can, please send some of it my way.

  2. What comes to my mind is that you used to be new to diabetes and have no idea what to do. But through lots of research and hard work you have come so far!!! Don't forget the "used to"s that have changed things for the better!! <3


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