Monday, July 15, 2013

Happy Camper

Apparently, my meter loves camping and hiking in the Redwoods as much as I do.  :-)


Tired but happy with an 89 on my meter.

Before dinner.

While hiking. (that's a 99)

However, it doesn’t appreciate the drive to get there.  :-(

After breakfast on the road.  I barely ate!

After lunch on the road.  Again, not much to eat.
A wonderful trip, despite the high readings in the truck. 


  1. Awesome camp numbers! The travel portion always whacks my numbers out too.

  2. Great numbers! I'm taking a trip this weekend and I'm not looking forward to the drive either.

  3. May I ask what you ate on the trip? I found you thru a post on a diabetic page I can't remember the name of! Lol it was about what kind of carbs to eat. I truly am just wondering

    1. Hi Karen, The food I ate on our trip wasn't all that different than what I eat at home. Breakfasts while camping was an egg scramble with turkey sausage, bell peppers and onions. Lunches: chicken salad wraps made with low carb tortillas. Dinners were chicken sausages, roasted chicken and green chili stew with non-carby sides. The travel meals that spiked me were things like an Atkins bar (which I can eat at home without issue) and a McDonald's breakfast burrito (don't judge, we were traveling :)) without potatoes.

    2. I was wondering because I'm so tired of 50 carbs a day. Atkins bars are never good for me! I think maybe my granddaughter is right. "Gram if you exercised you could have more carbs" and look at your hiking numbers. Guess I'd best get off my butt and move :))

  4. My BG doesn't like road trips either. The weird part is that it is fine on a plane - for the same amount of time. I haven't figured that one out yet. :D

  5. Great job! I love camping and hiking. Wish I could do it more. Happy #dblogcheck day!


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