Sunday, July 28, 2013


There have been several projects and “stuff” that I’ve been meaning to blog about but I just never seem to get around to it.  That’s why I decided to write this post: a potpourri of things that I feel you might find interesting.

Bennet Dunlap, who blogs at ,created this website as a way to draw attention to the fact that the test strips we rely on are not necessarily as accurate as they should be (due to lack of oversight by the FDA).  Not only does Bennet want us to know this fact, but he’s asking for our help by writing letters to our elected officials and the folks at the FDA.  You can start by taking the quiz on this website to see just how much you know about the test strips you (hopefully) use every day.
Exercise Videos

Ginger Vieira has created a series of exercise videos.  Ginger is a certified personal trainer, health coach, author and person with type 1 diabetes.  (She rocks!)  You can purchase all 4 videos for just $5 and every single penny of the money will be donated to the Diabetes Hands Foundation Big Blue Test. 

The Big Blue Test exists to raise money for those people around the world who don’t have access to diabetes supplies, including insulin.  You can help by just “taking the test” as many times as you can, usually in November.  Participating nearly 2 years ago taught me just how much exercise can positively affect my blood sugar.  Go here to purchase these videos.  DO IT!

Way back on June 1st, a new collaborative blog began called the Type 2 Experience.  This is just the beginning of a vision that Beatriz Dominguez has to have a place specifically for people with type 2 diabetes by people with type 2 diabetes.  I’m pleased to be among the contributors to this new venture along with  Bea, Bob, Sue, Mike, Rachel, Dr. P, and Lizmari.

Most of us have our own blogs about living with type 2 (just click on the names above to go to their websites) but it’s great to be collaborating with some awesome folks.  Check it out!

I mentioned in a previous post about how I had the opportunity to participate in a blogger summit specifically for type 2 bloggers.  I have yet to write up my thoughts on that summit but I did want to tell you about a product that was introduced to us that I think is really cool.  It’s called the Vgo insulin delivery system and it’s designed specifically with type 2s in mind.  It was created by a small company called Valeritas and I’m very impressed.  I even wore one (without insulin) for 24 hours and I hardly knew it was there!  The Vgo is a disposable insulin delivery device that you wear for 24 hours and then replace.  It delivers a basal rate of insulin as well as the option to bolus for your meals with just a click or two of a button.  You can swim in it, shower, shovel rocks…just live your life!  If you are a T2 and currently inject insulin, I highly recommend that you check it out. Their website does a better job of explaining than I can.  It’s available by prescription and will work with either Humalog or Novolog insulin.  Seriously…check it out.  When I start using insulin I will definitely be wearing a Vgo.
Blog Roll

Just an FYI, I’ve added some new blogs to my blog roll on the left.

So there you have it, my potpourri of information.  How much would you like to bet that as soon as I publish this post, I’ll think of something else I meant to tell you about?