Monday, April 1, 2013

The further adventures of Kate, the low-carb baker

Let me start by saying that I’m feeling a bit less ticked off today (for those of you who read my rant from Sunday.  I’m still upset about the state of things, as mentioned in that post, but today I would like to focus on happier subjects: Baking.

I’ve been experimenting with baking with almond flour.  My quest is to find adequate substitutes for wheat flour breads.  I posted about my first almond bread here.   To update you on that saga, I made another loaf yesterday, substituting ½ of the eggs with generic egg beaters.  The loaf came out just fine!  In fact, I think I like this loaf better.  I’m not sure if that’s because I’m getting used to it, or what, but it’s good!  Ray even likes it.  I sliced it up and got 14 slices instead of the 10 that I had swagged.  This means that this bread is 9 g carbs per slice with 7 g of fiber.  Nice.  This will become my go-to bread.  I sliced the whole loaf and froze most of it, putting waxed paper between each slice.
Today I baked some “bagels” made with coconut flour, a boatload of butter, salt, baking powder and 6 eggs. You can find the recipe here.  The recipe called for garlic but I just couldn’t wrap my brain around the idea of coconut and garlic, so I left out the garlic.  I also don’t have any guar or xanthan gum.  The recipe says it’s optional.  I Googled xanthan gum to find out what it does.  Apparently it’s a binding agent and will help the texture in gluten free breads.  (You may have just learned something on my blog today.  Spread the word.)

When I think of bagels I imagine something a bit chewy.  These aren’t.  They’re less dense than the bread made with almond flour.  They’re light and tasty and kinda cute!

The bottom line:  I like them quite a bit.  They hold together well.  The website says that they have a net carb count of 5 g each.  Not bad!  I didn’t do the nutritional calculations myself but I know that these suckers are saturated fat bombs.  With 1/3 cup butter, coconut flour and 6 eggs how could they not be?  I don’t think I want to know.  I think I will save these puppies to eat now and then, as opposed to regularly.

Next subject: beans and cake!  I’m an adventurer.

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