Friday, March 15, 2013

I Feel Lucky

Living with type 2 diabetes can be frustrating, confusing and just plain awful!  But I feel lucky.  Sometimes it feels as if I can never figure out how to live with this disease.  Sometimes I want to give up.  Sometimes I cry.  But I feel lucky.  Yesterday, I felt stupid.

I’ll be babysitting two of my grandsons all weekend.  I didn’t plan ahead very well so I bought some cookies from the store bakery instead of baking healthier ones here.  As I was putting them into Ziploc bags, I ate one.  It tasted so good!  Then I ate another, and another, and…I lost track.  It was totally mindless!  When I came to my senses and realized what I had done I had this complete feeling of dread.  Oh dang, how stupid can I be?  I felt kinda “buzzy”.  I was thirsty.  I approached my meter with dread.  246.  I think that may be a record for recorded glucose readings for me.  I may have been higher at some point in my diabetes life but I may not have tested.

I was going out to dinner with my daughter and one of my daughters-in-law and I realized that I probably just tanked any chance of having a nice evening.  I didn’t feel well and might not be able to enjoy a meal out!  I inhaled mass quantities of water and hoped for the best.  I continued to check my glucose and saw the number dropping but I was still concerned.  183 at 1 ½ hours, 140 and hour after that.  When I checked my glucose before eating I was so relieved to see 82 on my meter!  1 ½ hours after eating – 109.  Score!  I had a wonderful evening with two very special ladies and had managed to survive my stupidity without having to avoid eating.  I ate a lovely meal and didn’t have glucose issues.  Phew!

I feel lucky.  I obviously have diabetes but my body also obviously still works on its own, eventually.  If you’ve read my blog you know that I don’t use insulin.  Watching what I eat and drink and making sure to exercise are the only way I can keep from having a high glucose reading.  (I do take Metformin but that works to prevent my liver from dumping glucose.  It doesn’t help me if I eat like an idiot.) The fact that I have enough insulin and that my cells eventually took care of the excess glucose leads to my feeling of luckiness.  It could be so much worse.

I could choose to rail against the machine and whine because I can’t “just eat”.  I could spend my days in a funk and feel sorry for myself.  I have those days, on occasion, but for the most part I feel lucky that I have a condition/disease/personal monster that I can work to control.  I have choices.  I feel lucky.


  1. Everybody goofs - not to worry.
    Nicely done getting the BG back down. I'm impressed and glad you got to enjoy dinner out!
    Ummm - there's still the capcha thing here...

  2. My grandmother was recently diagnosed Type II diabetes.
    I don't understand the difference, could someone dumb it down for me? The doctor didn't really answer our questions thoroughly.

    1. Do you mean the difference between type 1 and type 2? What are your questions?

  3. Do not beat yourself up. Yes, you probably shouldn't have eaten all those cookies. But hey, we all slip sometimes. I'm so glad that with some help from you (by flushing out some of the sugar with water) your body was able to right the wrong. And I know next time you'll remember that 246 and use it as incentive to stop after one or two cookies. :)

  4. Thank you, I have recently been looking for information about this subject matter for ages and yours is the best I have found so far.SUCCESS

  5. I'm new to blogs. Age 73. Type 2. Diagnosed about ten years ago. Control with diet and exercise. Am impatient to learn how this condition works. Question of moment: why do I smell ketones in my urine when my reading is 124, low for me? Had big meal with too sugary desert. So, how does this condition cause such symptoms? Please email me at


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