Friday, January 18, 2013

I’ve got this…right?

First, I have to say how much I love the DOC (Diabetes Online Community).  My last post was pitiful and I received such great support.  Thank you.  It’s wonderful to know that when we’re struggling there are people “out there” who get it and are there to hold us up and help us move forward.  There is no way I could get through times like these without you.

I think I’ve turned a corner.  This morning I actually cared what my fasting reading was…and it was good!  It was good for the first time this month.  Instead of thinking “Sweet!  I can eat whatever I want this morning”, I thought “Nice! I’m on the right track again.”  Maybe Kate has finally grown up…maybe.

I spent a wee bit of time recently, worrying that I had completely trashed all the hard work I’ve done over the last year or so.  Then I realized that, regardless of what I’ve done this past month, I still have all the tools I need to get back on the road to good health.  Nothing we do in life is a waste of time.  I truly believe that, IF we pay attention and learn from what we’ve done.

Today I’m feeling hopeful and determined; feelings I haven’t been experiencing lately.  It could be because the temperature outside will finally climb above freezing, but I think it’s more about my inner Kate saying, “enough”!  Physically, I don’t feel well but my mental health is better and that’s a combination that will work to my benefit.  I know what to do and I’ve finally decided to do it.  The conversations up in my head are different now; they are more like:  “I really want to eat that, but I know it’s not good for me.”

I’ve got a ways to go yet, but the path is much clearer and I intend to stick to it.  I’ve got this…I do!


  1. Hello fellow PWD! Having a good reading in the morning is such a boost for Type2. I get this boost almost everyday, and the days i don't I am like your words.."I really want to eat that, but I know it’s not good for me.”:-)

    All the best.

  2. Awesome... yesterday is a reference point. Today and tomorrow help us get where we want to go. Glad to hear you're doing great.

  3. “…the path is much clearer and I intend to stick to it.” – Way to go, Kate! I hope that you are feeling better now. Dealing with diabetes can be tough and frustrating for some patients. There will be times that you will feel down and discouraged. Do not be afraid to seek help, whether it is a professional or personal one. You need all the support that you can get to make it through this journey. Remember that there is always someone who is willing to accompany you on your quest to good health.

  4. hey kate, like Scott said "you totally have this", and when you don't, we have you! this is a journey that is better and easier when you're surrounded by others who "get it", and i "get it" and i've got your back!! be strong, and carry on!


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