Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Don’t eat all the things!

My diabetes has been playing fairly well lately; at least it hasn’t been in my face.  Or, maybe I’m just ignoring it more?  It doesn’t really matter why, but I just haven’t had to think about it much lately.  That’s not to say that I haven’t tested or thought about what I’m eating, I’ve just not dwelled on it much or tested often.  I think it felt neglected because the last two days have been…different.

I was in the grocery store yesterday when I began to feel icky.  I was dizzy and lightheaded and began to shake: I felt low…really low.  Thankfully I was nearly done with my shopping.  I decided that I’d better buy something to eat once I got to the truck since I felt really bad.  (The 5 lbs. of flour, can of pumpkin and beer I had in the basket wouldn’t do very well.)  I don’t carry anything for lows since I rarely have one and when I do it’s not a scary low.  What did I buy for this low?  A sandwich from the deli.  Really Kate, a sandwich?  I scarfed down half of the sandwich as soon as I got to the truck. I nearly opened it in the store before paying for it, I wanted it so badly.  It truly surprised me that I chose a sandwich.  I rarely eat that much bread these days, let alone a roll like this one.  I think my mind was telling me, “Remember how much you like bread?  Bread is a carb…eat that!”  I’m happy to report that I only ate half of it and it seemed to do the trick.  If I had been at home, I’m sure I would have eaten everything in sight.

Today, I’m feeling low again; same symptoms but not as severe.  I tested and I was at 98.  So this tells me a couple of things:  1. My glucose must have been running higher than normal for a while in order for me to feel low at 98.  2. I need to go back to paying closer attention to my diabetes.  I happened to eat the other half of that sandwich and 3 homemade cheddar cheese “chips”.  An hour later and I’m at 114, but I still feel crummy.  Oh yeah, that’s probably due to the “real people sick” that I’m dealing with.  Sigh.

Good old diabetes.  Just when you think you can forget about it for a bit, it rears its less-than-beautiful head and slaps you up side the face.  Wake up!!

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