Friday, November 2, 2012

Day 2: The weird thing about diabetes

I can only pick one thing?  Diabetes is so weird.  Diabetes may have the corner on weirdness.  Diabetes has different types, something which most people don’t understand, even a lot of people who have diabetes.  Weird.  There isn’t just one way to treat diabetes; not just one medication, not just one diet, not just one plan to follow.  Weird.  Diabetes can be a life-threatening condition, if not controlled, and yet people with diabetes are often looked down upon.  Weird.  Many people who are diagnosed with type 2 are told to lose a bit of weight and change their diet but not given much direction on how to do that.  Weird.  Many doctors have no idea how to treat their patients who have diabetes.  Really weird.  I haven’t conducted a scientific study, but based on the things I’ve read online, diabetes has the most myths related to it than any other disease on the planet, and most of those myths are perpetuated by the media and health care providers.  Bizarre!!!!!

I have to stop because I’ve reached my threshold of weird tolerance.

Diabetes is a disease that can be controlled, whether you are insulin dependent or not.  Diabetes is anything but easy, but it’s doable.  People with diabetes are not to blame for their condition!  We, as a society, have a lot to learn about diabetes; how to prevent it and how to control it.  It is an uphill battle that is worth the effort.

Weird isn’t the first word I think of when I think about diabetes, but it is an odd duck.

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