Monday, September 3, 2012


 I wrote recently about the slow realization that I was slipping back into some scary eating patterns.  I’m here to report that I had good reason to be nervous; I’ve gained 3 pounds.  I don’t know if other people are like this, but weight gain/loss shows up slowly on my scale.  Long before I see the change on the scale I can feel it in my body.  I knew something had changed yet I chose to ignore it; until this morning when it showed its ugly face on my scale.  I think that snacking is to blame.

I was “proud” of myself because, even though I was snacking more, I was eating foods that were friendlier to my diabetes.  The Kate snacker of today barely resembles the Kate snacker of yore, other than the fact that she’s still snacking.  I no longer munch mindlessly on chips or crackers or snack-size Snickers (did I really used to do that?), but instead I’ve been mostly snacking on mixed nuts and cheese…and the occasional piece of chocolate (not Snickers, but healthier 70% cacao stuff).  The bottom line is that snacking is still snacking, regardless of what you’re eating, and too much of a good thing isn’t necessarily good for you.

I don’t feel good about this, in any sense.  I feel a bit more bloated, my tummy sticks out more and I’m pissed at myself for gaining these 3 pounds.  My glucose has been ok but the additional 3 pounds, though not a lot of weight, could possibly cause my body to be a wee bit more insulin resistant.  It’s a vicious cycle, one that I intend to break starting today. 

It’s important to remember that eating to lose weight and eating to control blood glucose aren’t always the same thing.  I may have been eating foods that were friendly to my glucose but too much of those foods weren’t friendly to my waistline.  Starting today I will not snack unless it’s too long between meals or I’m feeling low (not sad).  I’ve also been eating more at dinner, which I hadn’t been doing.  No more seconds for Kate!  These seemingly small things have added up to a big change.  I’m not just talking about the weight gain, but the shift in my thinking.  It’s time to shift back and regain (re-lose?) my control (weight).   


  1. I very much enjoyed your blog post today and the one that got posted at Takepart, too. Your humorous take on diabetes is refreshing and seems effortless.

    Thank you for sharing your mistakes as well as the things that are going right for you.
    Martha Zimmer,

    1. Thanks for your nice comment! I hope you mean that I make writing seem effortless and not my D management. :) Believe me, there is a LOT of effort involved!

      I will always share my mistakes and problems because no one is going to learn or connect with someone who is "perfect". I'm far from perfect and I think that an honest telling of the life of someone with diabetes is important and more useful.

    2. just found your blog, love it. I have been fighting to get my A1c below 6.5 for several years just with diet and exercise but lately it has been over 7.4 so doctor put me on metphormin. not happy about this but it kills my appetite so losing weight is good. I loved your comments about craving cereal - me too. when I have to give in I eat Fibre One with Soy milk, I still spike but not too bad. I am 75 and not overweight but have a belly which I want to lose as I am apple shaped. Will bookmark your site and keep reading for inspiration, many thanks. Carole

    3. Hi Carole, and thanks for your comment. Having to add new meds can feel like defeat but in reality you are doing something good for yourself! A lot of people have problems tolerating metformin but it works well if you can stick with it. I hope your doctor started you out slowly; that helps. Good luck, You Can Do This! (


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