Monday, September 17, 2012

Falling into random thoughts

Hi!  Did you miss me?  I realized this morning that it’s been 10 days since I’ve posted anything here.  Life has been busy I guess, but even though I’m busy doing other things, this blog is never far from my mind.  Today I thought I’d do a group of random thoughts instead of focusing on one subject.  It’s my way to catch up on all that’s been happening around here.  So grab your cup of coffee and let’s sit around the table and chat, shall we?  (oh wouldn’t it be nice if we could?  I’d like that.)

Fall.  Autumn.  Hazel.  Whatever you call it; this is by far my favorite season.  “Bouquets of newly sharpened pencils.”  You’ve Got Mail.  I enjoy that movie, possibly because I met my husband on the internet.  I didn’t own a book store and he wasn’t a corporate tycoon, but it was kismet none the less.  I digress.  Where we live, fall is truly a change in seasons.  I grew up in southern CA where a season change meant slightly lower temps and more fog, but here the trees change colors and the nights become crisp.  Days in the mid 70’s and dipping into the 40’s at night.  That does amazing things to the vegetation and, for some reason, my mood.  The trees may be shutting down for winter but for me it feels more like the beginning of good things like quilts and books and the warmth of a fire.  Comfort food can be an issue but I intend to conquer that D problem.  I have the urge to create something, and I will!

We just got home from 4 nights of camping (which is one of the reasons that I haven’t posted lately).  We took this opportunity to go for one last camping trip this year before it gets too cold.  We started out planning to stay 2 nights but the weather was so perfect that we stayed longer.  Ah, retirement!  I’ve written before about camping with D and those ideas still hold true for me, other than I no longer eat cereal or crackers.  I did discover one interesting phenomenon; I tucked my meter into my sleeping bag like always and when I tested my fasting glucose I saw some ridiculously low numbers: 78, 71, 58!!!  Wait a minute, that can’t be correct.  I sort of wondered about the readings in the 70’s but just figured I was experiencing better than average camping mojo, but 58?  Nope, I don’t think so.  I stuck my meter in my arm pit to warm it up and tested again: 75. Well, come to find out, the “shock” of leaving my cozy bed into the upper 40 degree morning was a bit much for my meter.  On the last morning I sat up in bed and tested right away: 91.  Ok, that’s more like it.  This is just one more example of why you need to be sure that your meter and strips stay within the temperature guidelines.  If I was an insulin user and saw a 58 on my meter, my plan could be much different than a reading of 75.  This is just a word of caution for you campers out there.  And before you get all jealous of those fasting readings, mine was 127 this morning: camping mojo is gone!

Testing.  This is a subject that comes up over and over and over again, not only in the diabetes community but in my own life as well.  I go through phases when it comes to my glucose testing.  This summer I was in the testing zealot phase due to following a food plan that was different than what I was used to.  When I went off that plan, I tested frequently to reassure myself that I was making smart food choices.  Now, I’m getting “lazy” and some days I only test in the morning.  This doesn’t mean that I don’t think testing is important, it’s more that I’m eating foods that I’ve already tested and have a good idea of how they will affect my glucose.  I will still always test when I’m eating something “new” or if I’m feeling off or just randomly to see how I’m doing.  Testing is extremely important; don’t ever forget that!

I am in an amazingly good mood today.  It could be due to the relaxing camping trip we just took, or the weather I enjoy or…just cuz.  Today I feel hopeful and excited; I feel creative and energized.  Today my diabetes is waaaaay in the back of my mind.  It’s still there but it isn’t in the front seat with me.  (I’m always in the driver’s seat!)  I encourage you to find something that excites/motivates you and do that thing, whatever it is.  Focusing on something other than our D is a great way to regain some of the life we sometimes feel that we’ve lost due to our diagnosis.  We haven’t lost anything, we’ve just moved on to another phase and it can be wonderful.


  1. Thanks for the encouraging post - needed that today!!

  2. great post, Kate! i love fall too! it's my favourite season. i will be looking for some no/low carb comfort foods this season too! let me know what you find!


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