Thursday, July 12, 2012

I’m Sorry

Last night I was in a really good mood.  Today, I’m sad.  It’s amazing how quickly a mood can change.  There is more than one reason for my change in mood but the main reason lies at the feet of idiots the uninformed.  Just this morning I read about two things in the mainstream media that poke fun at diabetes; two things that make light of diabetes, its causes and complications.  I’m not even going to tell you what those things were (you probably already know) because I see no reason to give those people even more time in the spotlight for their inability to show caring and compassion for people who are dealing with a very serious disease.

I’ve already written, multiple times, about how upsetting it is that people in general have no idea what diabetes is really like.  The stigma and misinformation that is perpetuated in the media is alarming and depressing.  It feels like such a losing battle and that makes me sad. 

Today I am writing to say I’m sorry.  I apologize to all my T1 friends who have to hear all the crap about overeating and sugar consumption when that has absolutely nothing to do with your disease.  I apologize to all the T1 kids out there who have to endure teasing or be ostracized for something that they (or their parents) didn’t cause. I know a lot of you would like “us” to just go away or have our conditions renamed.

I, most of all, apologize to my fellow T2s.  Whether we are overweight or thin, active or couch potatoes, tightly control our bg or ignore it, we don’t deserve to be treated this way.  I’m sorry.  Yes, I know it’s not my fault but this is my way of sending a huge hug out to all of you.

So what now?  Should we just roll over, cry some tears and rant and rave against the injustice?  No.  Complaining to our fellow PWD is like preaching to the choir.  I don’t know about you, but I feel another letter to my Congressmen forming in my brain.  A letter to the editor is called for.  I feel the need to reach out and educate further.  My desire to squash the insanity is stronger than ever.  Will you join me, please?


  1. I know of this ugliness you speak of and I have drafted one of my letters so far. Id like the "Im sorry" to come from the mouths of the "Uniformed".
    I admit I was an uniformed person prior to Sugarboys diagnosis but I don't recall ever poking fun at health conditions. I did believe that only over weight inactive people developed diabetes. While I am grateful I am part of the informed crowd now I would love to have learned another way than having my kids diagnosed with a decease that they did nothing to cause.
    While I believe mainstream media has improved slightly regarding how they portray pwd there is still so far to go. Diabetes is never easy, rarely reversible, not curable. Complications are real and don't only happen to those who ignore diabetes. I applaud you Kate for helping to educate and advocate. I will join you always.

  2. I'm not sure what two articles you're talking about, but the urbandictionary featured article for today...I'm at a loss of words, I'll let you judge it for yourself

  3. Apology not needed - I couldn't be more happy to share the work "diabetes" with my Type 2 friends because NONE of us asked for this and none of us deserve it. I'm proud to stand side by side, Type 1 and Type 2, and fight diabetes.

  4. PS: I meant the "word" not the "work". That's what I get for commenting while treating a low!!


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