Saturday, July 14, 2012

An Eye-opening Comparison

Do you look forward to ordering pizza instead of cooking?  Yeah, I did that too.
When you go shopping do you load up on boxes of mac n cheese when they’re on sale so you can feed your family cheaply?  So did I.

When you get home from a hard day at work, do you immediately think, “What form of exercise shall I do tonight?”  Nope,  neither did I.

You get to go grocery shopping once a week.  Do you load up on fresh veggies or do you stock the larder with convenient foods that won’t spoil quickly?  Yup, I’ve been there.

Fresh fruit or juice?  Well, heck you can buy a couple of bottles of juice for a lot less than a bag of apples.  Juice it is! 

Do you think that those "diet" frozen dinners are healthy?  So did I.
When you’re invited to a potluck do you make a casserole full of pasta/potatoes so it will go farther?  I hear ya…I did too.

When you’re at work and someone brings in a box of donuts and puts them in the break room, do you pass them by?  Yeah, neither did I.

When you want to lose a few pounds do you starve yourself and cut out all the fat but still eat bread/pasta/potatoes?  Yup, I did that too…over and over and over again.  It never worked.

Do you blame everything but yourself for being a tad bit overweight?  Raising my hand.

Do you pack a healthy lunch for work or do you go out for fast food?  I always looked forward to my fast food too.  Packing a lunch was such a hassle.

Do you have diabetes?  No?  Wow, I do.  I wonder what makes us different?  I wonder why people assume that people who develop type 2 diabetes are so different than they are.  I wonder why there’s such a stigma placed on type 2 diabetes when so many other people live the same sort of lifestyle.

Do you think that something like diabetes won’t happen to you?  Think again.  I was just like you.  In fact, developing diabetes never even crossed my mind.

Do you care about your health?  Yes?  Well then you’d better start doing something about it right now.  Eat less processed food and move more.  Choose whole foods over processed. Dust off your stove/oven/grill.  Make exercise a regular part of your week.  If you start now, just maybe you won’t draw the diabetes card like I did.  You and I are not much different.  I wish someone had made me more aware 20 years ago.  I hope at least one of you reading this will get the message.  Unhealthy eating, lack of exercise and complacency are slowly killing us.  Wake up and smell the high fructose corn syrup!


  1. Amen to that! I just started eating low carb, basically nothing processed to death or made only of starch. It is hard only because sometimes there are no available alternatives (work cafeteria, meetings, family gatherings, etc).

    1. I know what you mean, Janet. One of the things I find most difficult about eating lower carb is that it isn't always convenient...but worth the effort!

  2. This is great Kate!

    I still struggle with the differences between my "before" and "after" life with diabetes.


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