Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Celebrate Independence!

Today we celebrate our nation’s 236th birthday.  Today my family also celebrates my oldest son’s 36th birthday. (Happy Birthday, Eric.  I went to great “pains” 36 years ago for you.  WELL worth the effort.)  It’s a great day!

Here’s an article I wrote for Diabetes Daily that has some tips and tricks on how to celebrate around food and still stay on your D track.  I hope you all enjoy today, no matter what you’ll be doing.



  1. A great post as always. Love seeing blogs from the type 2 crowd. Wish there were more.

  2. I'm way behind and the 4th has come and gone, but I want to let you know I thought your article was great and it's advice can be used for the rest of the summer picnics we may encounter. And you even referenced my favorite movie of all times, so now I love you even more. :)


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