Thursday, May 10, 2012

People Who Need People

I’ve been in a minor funk lately for no apparent reason.  The weather is gorgeous, I’ve been exercising regularly, I have a perfectly lovely family….so why did I wake up this morning just wanting to whine and mope and go hide my head?  If I had the answer to this type of mood I’d be a millionaire.  We all have this type of day regardless of what our lives are like.

My mother’s days are pretty bleak.  I do my best to talk her out of her moods with platitudes like, “It’s so pretty outside!  You should go out and get some sun.  It will make you feel better.”  Today, if someone said that to me I think I’d punch them.  What was I thinking?  I don’t usually publically give in to these moods, instead I put on a happy face and go on about my business.  At the most, I just might not actively participate in discussions etc.  Today I whined on Facebook.  Today I posted about my funk on my Sweet Success Facebook page and something amazing happened.  I received comments from two people who understood and gave me a “hug” and some advice.  I also received a comment on Twitter from someone who is in a similar funk today.  These are people whom I’ve never met, never spoken to and probably wouldn’t recognize if I tripped over them on the street.  Miracle of miracles….I felt a bit better!  Why did these comments from “total strangers” affect me?  I guess I’m a person who needs people.
We’ve all heard how important the DOC is for connecting people who “get it”.  Today, however, I experienced how wonderful that can be first hand.  It’s not the first time this has happened but it really struck me today how good it felt for someone to understand and care.  I just wanted to say thanks to all of you “out there” for being the people that I need; for caring enough about another human being to reach out even if you don’t really know them.  This online community really is an amazing thing and something that I never want to lose.  Thank you from the heart of my insulin resistant self.

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  1. oh kate, i'm sorry you're feeling "funky". it's nice when you get comments that cheer you up, even if it's only for a bit. i've heard that "friends are the family we chose for ourselves", but sometimes our friends pick us, and that's a wonderful feeling! thinking of you and hoping you feel better!


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