Sunday, April 1, 2012

A Long, Long Time Ago

The date is April 1, 2112.  Construction has begun on a new house when a box was unearthed.  The metal box had obviously been buried there for a very long time. “Do not open until the year 2112”.  When the property owners opened the box they were surprised to see that it was a time capsule, of sorts. It contained a small device, some small plastic strips, a bottle of pills and a plate with dividers.  There was also a media storage device and a hand-written note.

“If you are reading this, then I’m hoping it is the year 2112.  I buried this box so that future generations can know what people like me had to deal with each and every day.  My name is Kate and I have diabetes.” 

“Hey, I remember her!  She lived here back in the first part of the 21st century.  I read about her in the history section of the newspaper.  She lived a long time!”

“Diabetes is my constant companion.  Sometimes it’s a cranky SOB and other times it’s just there in the background, haunting me.  I have learned to control my diabetes using the items I’ve included in this box.  There is my glucose meter and strips.  I use these to test the level of glucose in my blood several times a day.  Generally I test first thing in the morning and before and after certain meals to get a feel for how the foods are affecting my blood glucose.  You see, I have to be careful not to let my blood glucose get too high.  Some foods can spike my glucose and it’s important for me to know that so I can avoid them.  Also, if my glucose rises too high I can exercise for just 15 minutes and it will drop again.

Speaking of exercise, it is also an extremely important part of my diabetes control.  Exercise is good for everyone, but it is especially important for people with diabetes.  I try to exercise at least 30 minutes per day and sometimes 60 minutes.  My favorite form of exercise is a walk in the woods but I have a treadmill and stationary bike in the house as well.  (Gosh, I hope there are still woods here.  I hope my wonderful national forest still exists!)

The plate I’ve included is to show a smart proportion of food types that I eat at each meal.  Notice that non-starchy vegetables rule the plate!  I don’t fear carbs but I do respect them.  I still have a treat now and then but am careful not to over-indulge.

I take oral medication to assist with my control.  Some people have to take injections of insulin or other glucose lowering medications, but I have never had to do that.  I am also including a memory stick that includes my blog.  I write a journal on the internet about living with diabetes.  If it’s possible to access this information, it can explain about my life with diabetes so much better than this brief note could ever convey.

I write this note, hoping that whoever reads this will be surprised about what I have to say; since it will be something they’ve never heard of before.  Please know that I have lived a wonderful life despite my condition.  Diabetes is with me every day, but it does not rule my world.”

“Wow, I never knew what it was like for someone with diabetes.  I’m so glad that a cure was found and we no longer have to deal with something like this.  I admire this woman for taking care of herself so well regardless of the hand she was dealt.  What shall we do with this box?”

“I think she would appreciate it if we re-buried it somewhere out in the woods.  I think she would like that.”

I’ll be participating in Wego Health’s Health Activist Writer’s Month Challenge.  Posting every day in April.  #HAWMC


  1. Nice post, Kate! Same idea I had for the thumb drive in mine.

    1. Thanks Russell, where is your blog? I'd love to read it.

  2. I love your post!!! I didn't end up posting a time capsule, but I was going to put my blog card in mine. The thumb drive is a much smarter idea, because it's unlikely my domain will still be around in 100 years. (Oh it makes me so sad to type that!!)


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