Sunday, April 22, 2012

Lest We Forget…

The Things We Forget. For today’s prompt – write yourself a reminder. Where would you post it?

I live in a sea of reminders.  I use my phone alarm to remind me to take my meds, call my mom and test my glucose.  What?  I need to be reminded to call my mom?  Well, yes.  I call her every morning at 9.  I don’t need to be reminded to call her; I need to be reminded that it’s 9.

Post-it notes are also my friend.  My computer monitor used to be plastered with them.  Don’t forget to pay that bill.  Remember that your grandson’s scout meeting is on Thursday.  Dentist appointment is next week.  Oy!  I’m buried in them!  


Thankfully, Windows 7 has post-it notes that you can pin to your desktop.  It saves money and I don’t have to remember to recycle.
For today’s blog prompt I wanted to come up with just one reminder that is so important to those of us who deal with chronic disease:
You are worth the effort!

Day in and day out, we pay attention to details that other people never even think about.  We are required to know how to take care of our condition and make sacrifices every single day.  Sometimes we get tired of it all.  Sometimes we’re depressed about it.  Sometimes we just want to give up.  It’s important that we remember that we’re worth the effort!

If I had any artistic talent at all, I would make a poster of this sentence and hang it where I can see it every day.  I need to put a little post-it note on my mirror.  I need one on the console of my treadmill.  There should be one inside my glucose monitor bag.  We are all worth the effort!  Don’t ever forget that.

I’m participating in Wego Health’s Health Activist Writer’s Month Challenge.  I’m posting every day in April.  #HAWMC


  1. Yes!! great message for a Post-it!! We ARE worth it!

  2. You are worth it! I'm glad I've gotten the change to "meet" you, even if just online (for now!). -Sue.


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