Tuesday, March 13, 2012

My Perfect Day with D

Sunday, March 11, 2012 will forever be a special day to me.  Why, you say?  It has nothing to do with Daylight Savings Time (we don’t observe that here in AZ anyway). The weather was ok if a little too breezy, but that’s not it.  We went for a nice drive in the woods which was pleasant but not noteworthy.  This past Sunday was the first day I’ve ever had a perfect day with diabetes.

Here is a rundown of my glucose readings that day: Fasting – 103 (I’m usually in the 1teens), 104 before lunch and 114 2 hours later, 104 before dinner, 134 1 hour later and 109 2 hours after dinner.  I’m still stunned as I type this.  You should know that I don’t normally test that many times in a day but I was honestly so surprised that I kept checking to see if it was a mistake or if I had a spike.  The day was perfect and I still don’t know why.

Some things that I noticed: I was slightly hungry all day but not in a distracting way, more like I was just not too full.  I did not crave carbs at all.  I didn’t find myself dreaming of french fries or potato chips.  I actually made some really good food choices without even thinking about it!  I also exercised for 60 minutes in two 30 min. sessions.  I’m sure that all of those things contributed to my stellar day but it’s not like it’s the only time I’ve exercised or avoided unhealthy carbs.

Here is the other neat thing….it happened again on Monday!  I did have a spike after lunch to 153 but I exercised for 30 minutes and it dropped to 109.  Now for the grand finale (drum roll please) a fasting reading this morning of 96.  96!!!!!!!  Again, this isn’t the first time I’ve seen a fasting number under 100, but after two great days, it is amazing.  I keep expecting to wake up and find that it’s been a dream.

I just needed to put this out there; to celebrate an event in my life with diabetes that makes me feel hopeful (and causes short bursts of giddiness).  I am hoping I can figure out what it is I’m doing differently and keep up the momentum.  I’ll keep you posted.


  1. congratulations!!! i love days like that, and although they may be rare, they are wonderful. and they do make me wonder what it is that i am doing right, and why can't i do it everyday!
    what ever it is, when you find it, let us know!

  2. Nice work!! We have our ups and downs like that, so make sure you take your due pride in the downs (in this case down is better!).

    Keep at it, diabetes is a daily challenge and testament to the power of human resolve :)

  3. Awesome awesome awesome!!!! I'm very impressed by those stellar numbers. :)


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