Saturday, March 24, 2012

Living the Sweet Life

Calling all bloggers! Werthers Original NSA recently launched a new initiative on their site to help spread the awareness about Diabetes. It’s called the Living the Sweet Life Community and it features valuable and informative articles from the Diabetes community. It’s all about creating a place where experts can share their articles to educate and build awareness about diabetes and importance of a healthy lifestyle.   
It’s pretty cool, the title of your posts and a teaser of each of the articles get published on the blog. Interested readers who want to see the full story get pushed to your blog or website when they click on the title. You end up getting increased exposure, traffic and a forum to share your opinions and diabetes information with a large group of people with similar interests. You can see it at

To join the Tribe you can email with Living the Sweet life in the subject line, or add your information at the bottom of their home page.

Those of you who enjoy reading blogs should check the site out too.  There you should be able to find all kinds of blogs related to diabetes.  I hope you all find this useful.

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