Friday, February 24, 2012

It’s Time to Walk the Walk

One of the things I’ve been struggling with in controlling my diabetes is snacking.  I usually start my day off well with a good breakfast.  I’m exercising every day (finally!).  My lunches are usually pretty decent.  Then along comes the late afternoon….my most difficult time.  If I get to feeling peckish in the afternoon I will more than likely eat something I shouldn’t or overeat something that would normally be ok.  If I choose something with carbs I just end up wanting more and don’t seem to have much willpower.  A healthier snack sometimes isn’t enough.  I mean, come on Kate, it’s not like you’re starving and will expire if you don’t eat!  My brain just plays nasty little tricks on me and leads me down a dark path.  

Did you ever used to watch the Lone Ranger?  I did (yeah, I’m older…deal with it.)  The Lone Ranger’s sidekick was named Tonto and it never failed, in every single episode, Tonto would ride into town and be ambushed and beaten and generally regret his decision.  Bill Cosby made this famous with his bit “The Lone Ranger”.  He used to say, “Tonto, don’t go to town!”  I used to think that too.  “Hey, are you crazy or something?  Don’t you remember what happened last time you did that?”  Meet the new Tonto.  You used to know her as Kate but, for some unknown reason, she can’t seem to remember from day to day what happens to her when she goes down that snacking path.  Will she never learn?

I’ve been trying to reverse this trend, I really have, but I have had mixed results.  One technique I’ve tried is to split my exercising up into two sessions, leaving one for late afternoon.  I figure that if I exercise for 30 minutes when I want to snack I just might get through it unscathed.  That works pretty well, unless my brain just won’t stop bugging me with visions of sugar plums (what the heck are sugar plums anyway?).  Last night I had an idea that I’m going to try.  If I can’t have the willpower for myself, then I will use the DOC to be my conscience.

I’m a blogger.  I write about my diabetes and post ideas about how to deal with this condition.  I know that I can say anything I want and no one will ever know if I’m not following my own advice, but that doesn’t sit well with me.  If I’m going to talk the talk, then I have to walk the walk.  It’s only right, right?  So I’m telling you now, dear DOC, that I intend to have willpower in the afternoon.  I intend to limit my snacks to healthy choices and stop when I’ve had my allotment.  I will avoid carb-heavy snacks and try to eat more sensibly.  I’ve done it.  It’s out there.  I WILL have willpower to do this because the DOC is watching.  I WILL walk the walk.

Check out Bill Cosby at his finest.


  1. OK. Rule number one is don't call yourself Tonto. That actually means dumb in Spanish and you're far from it. Haha!

    I'm trying to be more disciplined with snacks and I'm eating more fruits with a low glycemic index. What I need to work on is my daily exercise.

    Good luck! And remember, don't call yourself names. ;)

    1. worries, I have a good amount of self esteem, but dang sometimes I don't think straight!

  2. Ugh, late afternoon is my worst time too!!! From about 3:30 on all I want to do is snack - and if I start, just one bite, the floodgates open and I graze until dinner. Yuck.

    Okay, if I can remember, I'm going to tweet you some Stay Strong encouragement during those tough afternoon times. :)


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