Monday, January 30, 2012

The Masters Paint Diabetes

I’m not a student of art.  I don’t know much about art and artists but I do know how I feel about certain paintings and whether or not I like them.  I’m not very good at interpreting what the painter was trying to say.  I just like what I like (and don’t like what I don’t like).  I went with my husband to his cardiologist’s office and waited while he had some testing done.  In the waiting room was a huge jigsaw puzzle that was supposed to keep us busy while we waited.  This particular puzzle was of a painting by Monet.  It occurred to me that diabetes is like a jigsaw puzzle.

When I was first diagnosed I think my puzzle was painted by Picasso.  

Pablo Picasso
I was eventually able to piece together the puzzle but when I was done it didn’t make any sense to me! Why is that eye on her forehead?  What is a carb?  How can I tell if it’s good or bad and how much I can eat?  The ADA says one thing yet other PWD say something completely different!  This cookie has 18 carbs and so does this slice of whole wheat bread.  Does that mean I can make my sandwich with the cookies and I’ll be ok?

As time went on I did more and more research about diabetes.  I read numerous articles and D blogs.  I perused recipes looking for healthier options.  I tested and tested again. I gained a lot more knowledge and my puzzle picture changed.  Now my puzzle was painted by Monet. 


There were entirely too many pieces and so many of them looked alike!  How will I ever put this puzzle together? What piece goes where?  This combination worked last week so why does it take a hammer to get that piece to fit this week?  I KNOW I can figure this out.  Just give me time.

Right now my jigsaw puzzle seems more like one that my grandson likes to put together. 
There are fewer pieces and it’s pretty easy.  A piece or two for diet, one for exercise, one for meds and maybe a couple for what to do when sick or stressed.  I’m smart enough to know that this won’t always be the case.  Picasso or Monet may pop up again and again.

Throughout my journey with diabetes the picture keeps changing.  Sometimes it’s peaceful and serene like a Renoir:

Pierre Renoir

Other times it’s much more Munch-like:

Edvard Munch

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