Tuesday, January 3, 2012


15 is easily divisible by 5.  When you’re 15 you’re 1 year shy of being sweet.  The official 15th anniversary present is crystal.  15 is the number of pounds I lost in 2011.  Interesting number, huh?

This time last year I decided to keep track of my weight.  I was hoping to be able to lose some and never find it again.  I didn’t start a “diet” and I wasn’t fanatical about it.  I made some changes and was just interested to see how things went over the course of a year.

Here’s an interesting bit of information that I wrote about in this post.   I talked about some of the things I was doing to attempt my weight loss and I was pleased with the amount of weight I had lost at that time.  I had lost…..15 pounds.  This post was written in……May.  So what happened between May and December (besides a scandalous love affair)?  I’d like to say that I maintained but that implies not gaining and losing; staying in one place.  That I didn’t do.  In fact, at one point I had lost 20 pounds!!  I was so excited but it wasn’t a true loss.  This was just after returning from Costa Rica and I’m sure I left a good 5 pounds of sweat back there.  I wasn’t surprised to see that 5 pounds slowly return.

Looking at all this makes me feel a bit dejected; somewhat of a “failure”.  How could I have lost and gained that 5 pounds?  Why couldn’t I just keep it off and lose even more?  Why didn’t I continue to lose after May?  What’s wrong with me?  What’s the simple answer? Nothing. There is nothing wrong with me (mostly, that is.)  It’s time to realize that and move forward.

It’s wrong thinking to get upset because I didn’t do better.  This is an opportunity to rejoice and realize that I’ve made some amazing changes to my lifestyle that are paying off!  It’s time to focus on the good things about this and continue those steps to better health.

So what are the things I’ve learned?  

·       Smaller portions, especially at dinner, cause me to feel much better overall and also have a positive effect on my glucose.

·       Exercise is an amazing thing.  It gives you energy, clears your head and helps to maintain weight loss and improve blood glucose.

·       Don’t eat chips and crackers straight out of the bag.  : |

·       When I “blow it” I don’t feel good.  Not only physically but mentally as well.  Guilt is insidious.

I don’t mean to imply that I’ve learned all these lessons well and never stray.  If I had I would be looking at a much larger weight loss.  The important thing is that I have learned them.  Now I need to work on self-control and will power.

I could get bummed that I haven’t lost more weight so far.  I could decide that it wasn’t worth it and go back to some of my previous ways, but what would that gain me (besides weight)?  I’m in this for the long haul.  I want to live a long, healthy life.  I’d like to lose another 15 pounds and it doesn’t matter how long it takes me.  I’ve learned some valuable lessons that will help me in this goal.  I lost 15 pounds!!!!!  That is something to celebrate!


  1. Congrats! That is so great! So happy for you!

  2. that's an amazing way to look at things! congratulations on the 15lb loss! and continued success on all fronts!

  3. 15 pounds is AWESOME!!!! I'm so proud of you. And even more important are the lessons you've learned. That's what will help you keep it off, and maybe lose a few more this year. Congrats!!


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