Monday, December 19, 2011

Wow, I Really Do Have Diabetes

You would think that after 6 ½ years the above statement wouldn’t be that surprising.  In fact, you’d think that I wouldn’t say it at all, but I did just today.  If you’re like me, there have been times when you thought maybe it was all a mistake and you don’t really have diabetes.  Go ahead and admit it, it’s ok.  I remember feeling that way in the beginning, that maybe they called the wrong Kate or my test results got mixed up with someone else’s.  I wish….well, not that I’d wish this on anyone else, even a complete stranger, but you know what I mean.

Every once in a while I let myself think fantasize that I don’t really have diabetes.  Maybe my sugars are fairly good because I’m eating a much healthier diet and exercising regularly.  Maybe I don’t really need the Metformin!  I may sometimes think that but I don’t actually try it.  (I’m not stupid, I just like to dream now and then.)

Well today I had an awakening.  I won’t say that it was a rude one but it sure got my attention.  You see, I forgot to take my meds last night until really late.  I ate a fairly normal dinner and didn’t eat too much; at least I don’t think I did.  At any rate my fasting blood sugar this morning was 139.  Yup, that’s right….139.  Crikey!  Now to put that into perspective, lately if I’ve overdone it in the evening I will see a 118 or something similar the next day.  I haven’t seen a fasting reading this high in ages.  Sigh.

All of this brings to mind the statements made by many people who say that Type 2 can be cured.  These statements are made by lots of companies that are trying to sell something, whether it’s a magic pill or diet plan or shake or….any number of things that will “cure” your diabetes if you just follow their path.  It’s also spouted by people who have followed that path and are now living without meds.  I say Congratulations!  I’m so pleased that you have turned things around and are now a healthier person for it….but YOU ARE NOT CURED!  Yes, if you continue to live this new lifestyle, whatever it may be, you may not need meds for the rest of your life, but if you fall off that wagon your sugars will go back up.  Besides that, diabetes is a progressive disease and it’s very possible that, even if you follow that new regimen, you will see changes down the road that require meds yet again.

Sorry, I didn’t mean to turn this into a downer but this type of thing really gets under my skin.  Yes, we need to make changes to our lifestyle, sometimes drastic changes, when we receive a diagnosis of diabetes.  Yes, it’s possible to live med-free if we are T2s and we find the right combination of diet and exercise.  But no, I’m sorry, there is not a cure.  Those lifestyle changes must be continued for the rest of our lives.  Not only that, but we may have to make further changes as we age.  That’s just the way it is.  It sucks.  

So yes Kate, you are a person with diabetes and you always will be.  Deal with it.  Remember to take your meds, for Pete’s sake (who is Pete anyway?  I should be taking them for MY sake, right?).  Continue exercising (you’re doing so well!).  Tomorrow there will be a much nicer reading on your meter.  Tomorrow is another day.


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  2. I am with you on the feelings about a "cure". I cringe when I hear that word - for either type!! Because the way I look at it, neither Type 1 NOR Type 2 can be cured. When I look at Type 2, I think something along the lines of possible "remission", but not cure. :(


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