Tuesday, December 20, 2011

How Sweet It Is!

 In an effort to make the changes I talked about in this post, I have re-evaluated how I approach baking.  This is the time of year when I do the most baking.  I like to bake for friends and have some home-made goodies around for the family at Christmas. Over the years I’ve tried to revamp my recipes to make them “friendlier” without making them taste too different for those who don’t worry so much about carbs etc.  I realized that I have been baking with sweeteners to lower the carb count of the cookies and such.  When I actually looked at the recipes I discovered that making cookies with sweetener instead of sugar only made a difference of 1 or 2 carbs.  That’s not much when you’re talking about a cookie.  

I’ve decided that it makes more sense for me to shift my thinking about what I’m eating and move away from trying to make it possible to eat even more!  Here’s the deal, if I make cookies with sweetener I trick myself into thinking that I can eat more of them since they have a few less carbs.  They still have calories…hello!!  I think what I’ll do is make my cookies with Splenda Blend for Baking, which is ½ sugar/1/2 Splenda.  Then, I’m going to try to focus on eating just a bit.  THAT is going to be tough for me.  I’m not good at just a little bit of anything that I shouldn’t eat.  I will continue to make things with lower fat, since that’s just a good idea.  I bake with applesauce instead of oil and you really can’t tell the difference.

I need to quit fearing the sugar.  I need to eat “regular” food more often and just eat less of it.  I really think this shift in my habits will make a big difference.  Who knows, maybe it will seep over into how much pasta/bread/potatoes I eat.  There is hope, you know.

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