Wednesday, December 14, 2011


From the moment I started my blog I was uncomfortable with the term “followers”. On Blogger a follower is someone who wants to be notified when you’ve posted something new or regularly stops by to read what you might have to say.  A blogger can be followed publicly or privately.  There’s no way to know how many private followers there might be lurking out there but you are told when someone follows you publicly.

Follower brings to mind someone who worships a dude with flowing robes, sandals and long wavy hair. I prefer to call these folks “people who might like what I have to say”, but that title doesn’t fit well on the blogger screen.  My page calls them “New Friends”.  Kinda catchy, eh? (I’m nothing if not ridiculously creative…..and sarcastic.)

People may also stop by and read my blog without “following” me.  That’s cool!  When I look at the stats on my blogger page I’m astounded to see that I have had readers from all over the world!  That is just amazing to me.  For instance, the stats for this week show:  Russia, France, Canada, Germany, United Kingdom, India, Philippines, Ukraine as well as the US.  The Ukraine?  Really?  Of course, I have trouble understanding the stats sometimes since the numbers just never really add up, but it is still neat to see that, just maybe, someone on the other side of the world is reading what I wrote.  Then again, it could just be someone in North Platte, Nebraska whose internet connection just happens to route through Ukraine but I choose to believe differently.

There is a point to all this, really there is.  I have a sad tale to tell.  As a new blogger I’ve been uber-conscious of whether or not anyone is reading my blog.  I was pleased to begin seeing some “new friends” sign up on my blog and was jazzed when the number rose a bit.  During November I gained 2 new friends and I was happy in the silliest of ways!  You see, a friend is someone who likes you; someone who wouldn’t mind hanging out with you now and then.  The odd thing about friends online is that there is a very good chance that you’ve never even met them.  Social media does that.  I don’t think that’s a bad thing but it’s different.  It’s something that this “wiser” person has trouble wrapping her head around sometimes.  Anyway, just the other day I logged onto my blogger account and immediately noticed that my followers had gone down by one!  I had lost a friend!!  The sad part of this story is how I reacted to this.  It was pathetic, actually.  I was so bummed.  “Why did they drop me?  Was it something I wrote?  Are my posts not interesting enough?  Do I suck?”  I told you it was pathetic.

My blog is just that….my blog.  It is a place where I go to write about things pertaining to my diabetes.  Repeat…MY diabetes.  In a perfect world it shouldn’t matter if anyone else reads it or follows it or likes me or thinks I’m the next Steig Larsson.  What matters is that I do it….for me.  I write these things and it actually helps me.  It’s like therapy without the eyebrow-raising counselor (and sans the bill).  It’s a good thing.  I decided to use this session on my therapy couch to talk me through this recent bout of “woe is me”.  It’s worked, yet again!  I feel better and a bit silly for even feeling sad about this whole thing in the first place.  Hey, I yam what I yam.  You should all be impressed with the fact that I am willing to bare my silliness here on the web, although there IS one less person to read it.  

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  1. i know exactly how you feel!!! it is silly, but i check my gmail acct before signing in to blogger, just to see if there are any comments. and sometimes i am sad that there isn't. then i remind myself that i don't always comment on a post i've read, so i am going to believe that just 'cause there's no comment, doesn't mean no one read it.


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