Friday, November 18, 2011

Thank You All!


I’m somewhat off topic today, but not by much.  Today we are supposed to write a comment about someone else’s blog.  I have been struggling with this one, not because I can’t think of anyone’s blog to comment on, but that I couldn’t pick just one!

As a novice blogger (hmmm, when exactly do I graduate?), I am constantly amazed by all the people out there who blog so well.  I’m inspired and entertained.  I’m comforted and compelled to give comfort in return.  I feel support knowing that I’m not alone in my diabetishness.  Reading other blogs about diabetes is Awesome Sauce!

The coolest thing about the blogs I’ve found is that they are so diverse.  There are PWD Type 1s, D parents and a few T2s (there should be MORE!)  Some are young and some aren’t.  Some have been dealing with diabetes for years and others are recently diagnosed.  Some are seeking and some are more confident.

So here’s a shout-out to some of the awesome DBloggers that I’ve been fortunate enough to find.  

There is Bob at  I sent Bob a message on Facebook one day and asked him some questions about blogging.  I was interested but uninformed.  Bob encouraged me to jump in, and I did.  Thank you Bob for “pushing” me toward something that has been nothing but amazing.

Say hi to Karen who blogs at  Karen coordinated an awesome DBlog week in May that I stumbled upon a day late.  She posted prompts to write about all week and then gave us a website to post our links to.  There were SO many amazing DBlogs to read.  That’s when I first felt like I was part of something here in the DOC.  It had to be so much work for her and I’m grateful.

Then there’s Joanne, a D mom who blogs about life with her darling T1 daughter at  I cannot adequately explain to you the level of respect that I have for parents of children who have diabetes.  Parenting is hard enough without adding such a time-consuming, scary disease on top of it.  I love Joanne’s humor and ability to laugh at herself.  She’s unafraid to put it all out there; the good, the bad and the ugly.

There’s Mike at a 20-something who not only has to deal with diabetes, but has a serious heart condition as well.  His advocacy is amazing and his bravery is stellar.  Another Mike at is another T1 who puts it all out there.  His level of advocacy is impressive!  I’m so glad that there are folks out there who actively advocate for people with diabetes.  Thank you all!  Jackie is not a PWD but she has a blog at where she posts amazing recipes geared toward those of us with diabetes.  They are fresh, inventive and delish!  Yet another Bob at does a great job of researching information about diabetes and posting links to articles etc.  We need more T2s!!  (Did I say that already?)  Scot at, Lauren at, and….ok I have to stop.  There are so many more.

Just yesterday I joined the Twitter realm.  Yes, it’s true, I’m a Twittererer…whatever.  I had been avoiding Twitter because I didn’t think I needed it, so what changed my mind?  I felt that I needed to up my participation in the world of the DOC.  I felt as if I was missing out on something so I jumped right in.  I can tell that there will be lots and lots of benefits to this, but best of all I will be meeting even MORE DBloggers and other awesome PWD.  My world just expanded like the Big Bang!  Like I said….Awesome Sauce!

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  1. Awww, what a great post and thanks so much for mentioning me. Thanks so much for all you do with your blog too - I love to read Type 2 blog because you give me a peek into your world. It's neat to see how the two types may be different, but really a lot is very much the same!! :)


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