Saturday, November 12, 2011

Teach Me

Class.  CLass.  CLAAAASSSSS!  SHUDDUUUUP!!  Thank you.

Today’s prompt wants us to teach a class.  Write a tutorial about something we’re uniquely great at.  My first reaction is that things I’m uniquely great at shouldn’t be taught online.  Wait.  Scratch that, that didn’t sound right.  Um, my type of knowledge is best imparted in person.  Oh heck no, I’m sure you’ve gotten the wrong idea by now.  Shame on you for thinking that! 

Honestly? I have a killer headache and just don’t have the energy that this lesson plan deserves.  Top that with the need to be at my grandson’s basketball game in 45 minutes and you can see that I’m squeezed.  I spent a lot of my career teaching teachers how to use software.  I’m uniquely good at understanding how a software program works and am apparently good at imparting that wisdom.  I’ve been there.  I’ve done that.  I don’t want to write a tutorial on how it’s done because I’m retired.  I can, however, leave you with some pointers.

  •  Know your material. 
  •  Add humor to your lesson, especially if it’s a seminar-type setting.  People who are forced to sit through a class appreciate a little humor.  It makes the time go by much more quickly and may help your students retain a bit better. 
  • Teach your students to think!  In my opinion, a good portion of today’s issues can be solved if we just think!  It’s like teaching someone to fish instead of providing them with food.  If they can figure out their issues on their own, it saves a lot of calls to the tech department.  “Hi, can help me asap, please?  My computer isn’t working.” “What’s it doing?”  “Nothing!! It’s just blank.” “Is it plugged in?” “I don’t know.  It’s dark in here.  I think the power is out.”  
  • Have fun!  Teachers who are obviously enjoying themselves are much more effective.
Ok, off to the ball game.  I hope you all have a wonderful Saturday.

PS: Extra credit points if you can tell me who helped get your attention at the beginning of this blog.

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  1. Adding humour to lessons when teaching makes learning stick with kids and even with many adults.
    Love your post.

    *Cheech and Chong are favourites of mine and gosh I remember Sister Mary Elephant (dating myself)


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