Friday, November 25, 2011

Never Have I Ever…..Until Now


Never have I ever controlled my food intake on a holiday.  Thanksgiving feast, Christmas goodies, birthday cakes, 4th of July bbq/potluck….we all seem to celebrate holidays with food.  What better thing to do when we are gathered with family and friends?  Who doesn’t like to eat great food?

The “problem” that all PWDs face during these times is how to enjoy the fun without overdoing and blowing our food plan.  How can we still enjoy these holidays without giving in to temptation?  It’s not easy.

Yesterday I broke the cycle for the first time in my memory.  Yesterday I thoroughly enjoyed Thanksgiving with my family and I didn’t overeat.  I didn’t overfill my plate.  In fact, at least half of my plate was filled with salad and veggies!  I had a small portion of stuffing (which I adore!), no roll and a reasonable amount of protein.  Here’s the most amazing, fantastic, hardly-able-to-believe fact:  I didn’t eat dessert!  That’s right folks, I did not grab a plate and have a piece of pie or a bit of that yummy pumpkin cheesecake that my daughter made.  I’m still stunned.  I’m not saying that I didn’t taste.  While serving pie to my grandsons I had a nibble or two.  A nibble or two after the decent meal I ate was ok!  While I didn’t check my blood glucose 2 hours after eating, I did wake up to a respectable 110 on my meter this morning.  I’ll take that.  I’m really quite proud of myself.  <puffs out chest>

I can’t really say what prompted this fit of goodness. The food was definitely yummy but I just didn’t go back for seconds.  I’ve decided that I need to start thinking about food like I think about over spending for Christmas.  “I don’t need all that, and neither does anyone else!”  Food should be about fueling our bodies, not feeding our desires.  Meals with family and friends should be about the companionship and love, not the calories consumed.

I had a lovely Thanksgiving.  I enjoyed the laughter; games around the table after dinner.  Watching my 93 year-old mother hold her newest great-grandson (6 weeks old) was something that brought tears to my eyes and is a memory that I will never forget.  Thinking back on this holiday I will remember those types of things and the fact that I refrained from over indulging.   I have so much to be thankful for.

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  1. You and me both, Kate! I'm proud of myself for watching portions and getting more protein and veggies on my plate this year. Go us! :)


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