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I don’t think we do enough LOLing.  People are just too dang serious or stressed too much of the time.  Nothing beats a good ol’ belly laugh.  Today’s prompt encourages us to write about something that made us laugh.  I’ve decided, instead, to talk about someone who makes me laugh.  My mom.

My mother is 93 years old.  My dad passed away nearly 3 years ago and Mom still lives alone, although she probably shouldn’t.  The almighty freakin dollar holds court over how/where my mom can live.  She would benefit from assisted living but can’t afford it.  Thankfully, I live close by and was able to retire early.  A major reason that I retired when I did was so that I could better take care of Mom.

Mom has always loved to laugh.  Dad was quite a jokester but Mom didn’t always get the joke right away.  In fact, when Dad would tell a joke at the dinner table Mom might not laugh until 10 minutes later….which made us all laugh again.  As she got older she developed a lovely snort when she got to laughing hard.  She gets tickled about something and begins to laugh, and laugh and….snort!  It’s hilarious! My kids and nieces would get a big kick out of seeing who could make Gram snort!  Mom also loves to play games so game time became a chance for snorting.  There is nothing better than sitting around a table with people you love, laughing and snorting.  It’s good for the soul, I tell ya.

Sometimes something would tickle Mom and it would stay with her.  For example, one time while driving down the road one of the kids saw a sign for a furniture store that had lost part of one of its letters.  She said, “Look there’s a furnitupe store!”  I thought Mom was going to wet herself, she laughed so hard. (MUCH snorting ensued!)  From then on, all the kids had to do was say, “Furnitupe!” and Mom would dissolve into giggles.  Unfortunately, Mom also got a huge kick out of mispronouncing the name of a restaurant…..Fuddruckers. :/

The sad thing is that Mom’s life right now is anything but cheery.  She has macular degeneration and can’t see.  Her knees are shot and she can’t walk.  She’s pretty down most of the time.  As often as I can, I try to make her laugh.  When my sister comes to visit we sit around reminiscing etc.  Our goal is not only to learn more about Mom’s life but to get her to laugh.

Laughter really is the best medicine.  It lifts your spirits and lightens your day.  It helps you to forget, if even for a moment, that life might not be the best.  It can give you hope.  I highly recommend laughter.  Take a dose whenever you can.  Laugh often and long.  Laugh from your belly and your heart.  Laugh until you cry.  This coming Thanksgiving there will be games after dinner, you can bet on that, and there WILL be snorting!

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  1. I love my mom's laugh. It's quite distinguishing and I find myself starting to sound like her.

    It's great that yours still has laughter in her life :)


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