Thursday, November 17, 2011

Let It Be


Today’s prompt: What’s something that bothers you or weighs on you? Write it down.  Now – as best you can – let it go.

There are insensitive, uninformed people in this world and there’s not much I can do about it.  Something that really gets under my skin is when people spout information as if it were gospel when it is anything but truthful.  There may be a grain of truth in their statement but it is surrounded by so much BS that it gets lost.

This irritation is not limited to just one topic; it rears its ugly head indiscriminately.  I may read an article online and then, like an idiot, I read some of the comments that people leave regarding the article.  I should know better than to do that.  People feel free to say just about anything while they are hiding behind their monitors.  An article about politics or politicians begets rants from the opposing view without even acknowledging that the article may actually have a valid point.  Information about type 2 diabetes brings on hateful, hurtful comments like “it’s just because they are fat slobs” or “go whine about your troubles to someone who cares”.  It matters not what the subject is, there will always be someone who spews hate and misinformation.

Depending on my mood at the time I run across said idiots, I may actually respond and try to enlighten them.  This is nothing but a waste of time.  You see, you can’t change someone’s mind when they are adamant that they are correct.  Close minded people will remain close minded.  Bigots will remain bigots.  Political and religious fanatics are just that, fanatics.  It’s been my experience that a fanatic’s ears are deaf to opposing ideas.

Now let me insert here, before you begin to think that I’m just a two-faced fanatic myself, that I don’t feel it necessary to hammer my own ideas into someone.  Instead I feel more inclined to ask people to calm down and realize that there is more than one way to look at a situation;  more than one side to each and every story.  Possibly they should do a bit of research before spouting hate and allowing their ignorance to multiply.  People should be more open-minded.

What can I do about this frustration that I have?  Well first, I can just stop reading comments after articles.  After that I suppose I just need to let it go.  I can’t change the world.  I can’t fix everything.  I’m far from an expert on any one thing, that’s for sure.  There is, however, one way I can combat the ignorance surrounding type 2 diabetes.  I can do my best to share information about the condition and how to deal with it day in and day out.  I can answer people’s questions to the best of my ability and steer them toward websites where they can get accurate information.  I can dispel the false rumors through information and by living the good life as a person with diabetes.  I can teach by example.  I can make a difference in this one area and that feels good.

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  1. I love this post and because I have rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia (two diseases to force people to jump to misconceptions), I can relate. You are right about people being misinformed about diabetes. I have a somewhat decent understanding because my mom has had it since I was a teenager. When she was pregnant with my brother (now 19), she had to take insulin shots and she couldn’t do it alone so I was about 15 at the time and I was the only one of my siblings willing to help her. It hurt me every time I gave her an injection but I know that she appreciated it and now that I am older and I take my own injections for RA, I hope that my kids understand what is going on and learn to appreciate my role in their lives. People have this tendency to put a stereotype to something they know nothing about and I remember a time where I was ignorant myself – not hurtful because I was raised better than that but ignorant no less. You are absolutely right – if someone wants to remain ignorant, they will make that decision to and no one can change that. I agree with that you that all you can do is teach by example or correct people – it is their choice to make a decision to see the truth.

  2. You inspired my NHBPM post today! Just so you know, I was completely wrong about which type of diabetes my mom had. See, it makes a difference to learn about conditions because making assumptions. :-) Once I read up, I knew i was wrong.

  3. I love reading your post. I agree with you when you said "Bigots will remain bigots. Political and religious fanatics are just that, fanatics. It’s been my experience that a fanatic’s ears are deaf to opposing ideas."

    I remember a saying that goes, "A man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still."

    More than 22 years ago my mother died of kidney failure as a complication of diabetes. That experience led me to search for a way to reverse and manage type 2 diabetes naturally. In my search, I encountered a lot of BS especially about treatment & the way most doctors abuse the prescription of dangerous diabetes drugs.

    Despite the proof of the dangers, they still prescribe those medications simply because it is convenient, and simply because they think they know it all - but at the cost of the lives of many diabetics. My mom was one of the unfortunate victims of this bigotry.

    Like Lana, you have inspired me as well. Thank you very much!

    P.S. You might be interested about an article I wrote about dangerous diabetes drugs. It's at:

    More power to you!


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