Monday, November 28, 2011

Do Over


Yesterday marked the official end of Mike's Diabetes Blessings Week.  My feeble contribution yesterday, while heart-felt, was….well, feeble.  Yesterday was a bad day and I just couldn’t bring myself to think of diabetes as a blessing.  Today is better and in the spirit of blogging for the good, I’m posting a re-do.

Diabetes has definitely blessed my life.  I mentioned the inclusion of regular exercise in my life, healthier eating choices, supportive family and blogging.  All of these things add up to a much healthier me.  I’m certain that without diabetes I would still be too overweight whether I wanted to be or not.  I wouldn’t be exercising on a regular basis.  I would be heading toward a premature death.  Diabetes has saved my life.  It has saved me from being a weak elderly person who won’t be able to care for herself.  It has hopefully saved me from having horrible things happen down the road like amputations and blindness.  Even though diabetes would be the cause of such things, knowing that I have this chronic illness keeps me focused on remaining healthy to prevent said nightmares.

Yes, diabetes has blessed me.  It has made me aware.  Now it’s my job to make the right decisions.

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