Monday, November 21, 2011

Blessings and Meanderings

This week I’ll be doing double duty.  Mike over at My Diabetic Heart has put together Diabetes Blessings Week where we post about how diabetes has blessed us.  I know that on the surface that may sound strange but there are many ways that we as PWD can see blessings amidst this chronic disease.  I will add a blessing to each of my NHBPM posts.


Monday’s DBlessing

Diabetes led me to blogging and I’m thankful for that.  Writing fills a space that I didn’t even know was there.  Writing about something that you’re passionate about makes the process easier, or at least more cathartic.  I’m definitely passionate about diabetes and how it has effected my life, but I’m also thankful.


Today’s prompt is to do an Ekphrasis blog post.  “Ekphrasis” is writing about another art form. Find a picture that inspires you in some way (positively or negatively) and free write about it.  Here’s my meanderings about the following pictures…..unedited.


Equator Line Monument, Macapa, Brazil

These pictures remind me of the first time I went to the Four Corners.  I was in high school and we were on our way to Durango, CO to compete in a vocal music thingy (I got to sing a solo on the radio!).  Our school bus stopped at the Four Corners monument so we could check it out.  It’s in the middle of frickin no-where and is the spot where Utah, Arizona, Colorado and New Mexico meet.  You can be in four states at once, with a little help from your hands and feet.  We took a bunch of pictures (I wonder where those are…..) and generally had a good I’m-a-teenager-on-an-overnight-field-trip time.  It’s funny, but at the time I don’t remember giving too much thought that there are these “lines” dividing the states.  Now we’re in AZ and now we’re in Colorado.  The next time I thought about these imaginary lines was 2 years ago when Ray and I went on our month-long “I’m retired!!” trip.  We had a new gps system, Garmin Miranda, helping us find our way.  On the maps you can see the state lines as they approach.  It’s kinda interesting.  Oh no!  Look out!!!  You’re about to hit the state line!!!!!  AAAArrrrggghhh!!  Phew!  We made it.

Look at these pictures. Someone is actually standing on both sides of the equator with one foot in the southern hemisphere and one in the northern.  So if you flush a toilet in the north, the water goes in a clock-wise motion.  In the southern hemisphere it flows counter clock-wise.  I wonder what happens if you flush a toilet directly over the equator.  Does the water go straight up and splash everywhere? (Holy crap, no pun intended, I Googled it and there is an answer!  The water goes straight down.  No twirling.  I simply HAVE to go to the equator now to test this.  Who’s with me?)

Who makes these lines?  Who decides that right here is the place?  I know, I know…..there are wars and bargains made.  There is lots of behind the scenes politicking going on that determines such lines.  There is a town that sits on the Canadian/US border.  The imaginary line runs right through town.   I’m pretty sure that there’s a building that is split between the two countries.  Since 911 the people of this town can no longer go across the street to visit their neighbors if they live on the “other side”.  Instead, they have to drive over to the border station and show their passport so they can drive back to across the street to visit.  Have we gone too far? Is something like this necessary?  Where is the common sense?

This post was written as part of NHBPM – 30 health posts in 30 days:

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  1. Great post, Kate. So glad to have you participating in Diabetes Blessings Week.


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