Monday, October 17, 2011


Something that is routine may sound boring or tedious.  We have daily routines.  We make routine visits to our doctors and dentists.  A routine is something that is habitual and unimaginative.  A routine sounds like something to avoid.  Not having a routine sounds exciting!

My life has been anything but routine lately.  As you know, I had an amazing adventure in Costa Rica to celebrate my oldest son’s wedding.  Upon our return to the states, my second son and his lovely wife decided to gift me with my fourth grandson!  That entailed 2 days of babysitting his big brothers; fun but definitely not routine. (It’s been a long, long time since I had packed a school lunch!)  

Here he is.....isn't he sweet? (I look about as tired as I was.)

 During all of this, we were helping get ready for yet another wedding celebration here in AZ so those who couldn’t make it to Costa Rica could congratulate the newlyweds.  My daughter came over and we had a marathon baking session to make goodies for the party. (She is an amazing baker!) That party was this past Saturday.  My family who were staying with us during the festivities left this morning. (They will be missed.)  Oh, and in the midst of all that, my youngest son got a promotion at work and we helped him move into a new apartment!

Life has been grand; my blood sugar has not.  Kate needs her routine back.

During my 12 days in Costa Rica I decided to not worry too much about what I was eating in regards to my blood sugar.  I tried to be careful but also wanted to enjoy the country and its customs and cuisine.  I had a few days to re-acclimate myself to life in the US when all the above began to happen.  During this whirlwind of activity I barely took notice of my blood sugar.  I tested and took my meds but I didn’t do anything to ensure that my numbers were on track.  I nibbled.  I ate goodies.  Exercise was not part of my day.  All of this combined with the upcoming holidays is certain to make my December A1c something to hide from the world, like that unfortunate picture from my past. (Don’t ask.  I’m not telling).  I’m sure it won’t be stellar.

Although routines may sound boring, when it comes to my diabetes they are required.  It’s time for me to get back on track; exercise and eat properly.  I wouldn’t trade any of these amazing experiences for anything in the world.  I will have the wonderful memories to enjoy forever and, by taking care of myself, I will have many more years to experience much, much more!

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