Thursday, October 20, 2011

My Inner Child

My inner child has been acting up lately and it hasn’t been pretty.  She’s been pouting and whining and completely refuses to do what I tell her to do!  For instance, she’s been eating cookie dough from the bowl in the fridge.  As she grabs a handful I tell her to stop, that it’s not good for us, but she just sticks out her tongue and ignores me.  Even as I type this, she’s contemplating another foray into the kitchen.  I can tell….I can see it in her beady little eyes.  She’s out of control.

We’ve had long talks, she and I, about how it’s time to get back to business in regards to our diabetes.  She simply refuses to accept the fact that we have a chronic disease and that what we eat has an effect on our health.  She had way too much fun celebrating weddings and new babies.  She indulged in the myriad of goodies available to her and now she will not stop!  What am I to do?

I’ve tried reasoning with her.  I’ve offered incentives and promised a treat if she will just behave for one day.  She only pouts and tells me that she’s tired of being diabetic and she plans to eat whatever she wants.

Well, I had no choice.  She’s grounded.  She’s not allowed to come out and play (or enter the kitchen) without my permission.  The grown-up Kate is determined to regain control.  Wish me luck.


  1. This was really funny! Of course, the reality is that our 'inner children' and diabetes (whether its type 2 or type 1) is not a good mix anyway (then again, I think the notion of a 'chronic' disease is kind of a failure on the part of the medical profession to restore us to health, so this is bound to happen to anyone from time-to-time). The biggest issue is acknowledging this, and moving on from there. When it comes to managing a disease over the long-haul, its not the sprinter who wins, its the racer who holds things steady. Anyway, thanks for sharing a funny analogy to the inner child!

  2. I am right there with you!!! My inner child is BAD and seems to be overpowering me lately. I keep telling her that today is her last day of freedom and that things will change tomorrow . . . . but she laughs at me because she knows I will cave again tomorrow. Maybe we should work on reigning them in together??

  3. Good luck!! Mine has been acting very spoiled lately (and so has the outer child), but hopefully next week will be better


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