Monday, April 11, 2011

A Moving Experience

This Spring is the time that I’m taking care of some medical “stuff” that I’ve been neglecting. It’s about time!  For instance, last month I saw the eye doctor (no issues!) and I’ve been seeing the dentist (I’m afraid we will become good friends here pretty soon).  On Wednesday I’m having my first-ever colonoscopy.  I know, I know…’re jealous.  I can’t blame you.  The preparation for this procedure is daunting, at best.  Beginning last night and through today I have to avoid fiber and red meat.  The red meat isn’t difficult at all but I have found that the fiber is an issue.  The instructions say “avoid nuts, seeds, corn and fresh vegetables.  It’s ok to have white rice, white bread etc.”  This goes way the other direction from how I’ve been eating for the past 6 years.  It has been a real struggle to find something to eat!  No fiber, really?  No veggies?  Yikes!

Last night for dinner I had some chicken and a roll.  Before dinner my blood sugar was 91.  2 hours later it was 209.  This morning it was 144 fasting.  :(  Boy do I miss my fiber!  This has been eye-opening for me.  First of all, I’m quite pleased that my eating habits have changed that much since I was diagnosed.  Most of the things that I would reach for to eat are off limits for now.  It’s not like I was thinking of eating pizza or junk food or sugar (which I suppose I could have had) but I was jonesing for a salad or spinach or something healthy. The plate method had a huge hole in it and I really missed what should have been in that hole.  I was actually surprised by that.  Secondly, I was amazed to see how all this affected my blood sugar.  I didn’t over eat last night at dinner but I did eat some carbs without any veggies to offset it.  I certainly didn’t expect to see a 209 on my meter! As I said, eye-opening.

So what have I learned from this situation? I’ve learned that I really have made some great strides toward being a healthier eater.  When your kitchen is filled with whole wheat/fresh veggies/low carb/nuts/grains/chicken/fish it kinda indicates that you tend to have a healthy diet.  I’m proud of myself!  I’ve also realized how important veggies, and fiber in general, are to a healthier blood sugar reading. It really does make a difference!

I’m not horribly concerned about my blood sugars during this….ordeal.  I know that it is temporary and things will eventually get back to something akin to normal.  Heck, I’m bound to lose a couple of pounds!  Here’s hoping I survive the 36 hours of only clear liquids.  Wish me luck!  Now I’m off to see the dentist.

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  1. Colonoscopy... Ugh! I've been avoiding that one . Avoid red meat... could you eat tuna fish salad? Arrrgh! No fiber??? Then my flax seed meal and almond flower microwave bread is out. So Tunafish salad with eggs, mayo, a bit of dill and a couple of slices of tomato; would that work?

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