Monday, March 21, 2011

Rut or cabin fever?

Lately, I’ve been feeling unsettled.  I’m edgy and bored at times.  It has been more and more difficult to entertain myself.  I’m slightly depressed.  I don’t feel much like reading, which I love to do; movies don’t sound interesting and worst of all, food is boring!  When I try to think of something to eat, nothing much interests me. Now that may sound like a good thing but it’s not.  When I’m bored with food it usually means that there’s nothing readily available that I want to eat.  Instead of making a low fat wrap or healthful salad, I fantasize about a stuffed-crust veggie supreme pizza or a greasy cheeseburger with fries.  I tend to munch on snacks too much and generally eat poorly.  This has got to stop! So what is causing this recent funk?  It could be one of two things: I’m suffering from cabin fever or I’m in a rut.

Ruts are interesting things.  We’ve all heard it said,  "I’m stuck in a rut".  There are probably some young city dwellers out there who don’t even know where that saying originated!  Not too many ruts to be found in urban areas, but I’m lucky enough to be surrounded by national forest where I live.  Just a five minute drive from my home and I might get stuck in an actual rut!  I won’t bore you with a history lesson here.  If you truly don’t know what a rut is, you can Google it for yourself.  The thing is that saying you’re in a rut implies that there’s nothing you can do about it.  Not true.  Of course you can escape a rut!  A rut is just another habit and habits can be changed or broken.  Maybe I’m suffering from a food rut and just need to shake up the menu a bit.  (I have to say that “food rut” brings to mind a long, deep furrow lined with food.  I can’t decide if that’s tempting or disturbing. hmmmm, I'm not sure that I'll ponder that for too long.) 

I’m sitting at my desk on the second day of spring watching it snow.  Just last week I was cleaning out my flower beds and looking forward to planting and generally playing in the dirt.  Cabin fever may very well be what I’m suffering from.  I don’t mind winter and thoroughly enjoy the changing of the seasons, but enough is enough!  Time for the season to change!  Hello, are you listening?  It’s not unusual for us to get a decent snow in March.  The nice thing about storms this time of year is that they don’t stick around too long.  The snow will probably be gone by the weekend.  Then, before long, I’ll be out there transplanting my day lilies and thinking about what new plants to buy.  Next thing I know I’ll be planning my vegetable garden and dreaming of succulent tomatoes and ginormous zucchinis!  Wow, I feel better already.  I think I’ll look through my recipes and find something different to make for dinner tonight.  Rut or cabin fever, it doesn’t matter.  All I need to do is DO something about it and stop moping around.  A good talking-to does wonders.

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