Friday, March 25, 2011

Don’t become complacent

I am the worst offender.  I’ve been working on this diabetic lifestyle for nearly 6 years now.  I’ve muddled through and learned so much.  Hey, I’ve got this stuff down pat!  I’m so confident that I feel like I can give advice to people who are newly diagnosed.  Again, I’m not the all-knowing diabetic but I’ve been there and felt what these people are feeling.  Where do I start?  How do I know how many carbs I should have?  What’s the best margarine to use?  I can answer those things and more.  Follow your doctor’s advice, READ as much as you can find on the subject, talk to a dietician or find guidelines online and here’s what I buy in the margarine aisle.  Just this morning I answered a question on the Diabetic Living’s Facebook page.  Someone was asking about salad dressings.  I told her what some of my favorites are and advised that she read the labels looking for low fat/fat free and see how many carbs per serving.  Just figure those carbs into your food plan.  Wait a minute Kate!  When was the last time you actually calculated how many carbs you’re consuming in each meal? Um, well…..<insert sheepish grin here>.  The short answer is; I don’t….ever.  I have never seen a dietician.  My first doctor never suggested it or even mentioned it.  She said, “Yep, you have diabetes.  Just watch what you eat and exercise regularly.”  Hmmmm.  I started with the ADA website and read anything I could get my hands on.  I figured out what I should do and began doing it.  I’ve used the plate method and eyeballed portions but I have never, EVER, measured or calculated how many carbs were on my plate.
I am the Queen of label reading.  I’m very good at reading labels to determine if the food is something I can eat and how much of it I should have.  I carefully determine the nutritional values of recipes I prepare and know how many carbs etc are in each serving, however, do I carefully make certain that I’m only eating a serving?  Um, well…..<insert sheepish grin here>, no.

Today I’ve had an epiphany and it kinda hurts.  I’ve been working at losing weight by keeping a food diary.  It’s working to some extent because I’ve slowly lost 10 lbs (YEA!) but I haven’t really watched what I ate.  I’ve been bitc…complaining about my higher numbers in the morning worrying that maybe I’m beginning that upward trend that will change my meds or worse.  My A1c was still good but have I really done anything to fix this?  No.  I took my doctor’s advice when she said that my higher numbers were probably hormone related and we’ll just wait and see how your next A1c looks.  I say, HECK NO!  I’m not waiting 3 months to see if things are worsening!  I’m making some changes now.  I’ve become complacent and I think my eyeballs need recalibrating.   

Starting today, I intend to dust off my measuring cups and really pay attention to how much I’m eating.  I will only eat 1/6 of that tamale pie and I will measure how much salad dressing I put on my salad.  It’s time for Kate to wake up and smell the diabetic-friendly, low sugar snickerdoodles! I will not remain complacent.  I will not assume that my plate contains the correct amount of carbs.  I will measure.  I plan to do whatever I can to maintain good glucose readings and I will lose more weight!!  Wish me luck.

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  1. LOL!!! You are not alone Kate!! I will gladly support you and follow your progress. Your efforts will benefit all who follow your progress and inspire other to make changes as well. I personally am not a dibetic but my husband is and I am the one responible for being sure his diet is in order with a diabetic diet. It is not an easy task especially considering Larry's other health issues. Finding foods that agree with him are a real challenge due to this stomach issues...despite medication to imporve them. I have found many wonderful ways to benifit myself on my road to avoid diabetes since it runs in my family. Many of them you may already know. Cinnamon helps to stabilize your blood sugar. Vinegar will help prevent spikes in your blood sugar if taken before a meal or eaten with a salad before meal. I like to use apple cider vinger, it aides in weight loss also. Looking forward to your next blog.


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