Monday, March 28, 2011

Ah Spring!

Spring has sprung, the grass is green.  I wonder where the flowers have been?

It is finally a beautiful day in my neighborhood.  It’s sunny and supposed to be near 60 degrees.  I heard tell that it might hit 70 by week’s end!  YES!!  I’m about to go outside and work in my yard.  Lots of raking to do and I’m going to dig up and move some day lilies that are becoming overcrowded.

I can’t tell you how nice it will be to get some much needed exercise outside instead of in the house.  We should be moving every day!  Does that mean we have to be a slave to our stationary bike or sweat to the oldies til we drop?  I say, NO!  Get outside and go for a walk.  Dig in the dirt.  Dust off your bicycle.  There are so many ways that we can get some exercise that are fun.  Let’s do it!


  1. i tryed the exercise program on "on demand" from our local cable company. it is good and things went well for about a it got very boring very quick. i like taking our dog for a walk outdoors much better. we go different routes which is a great change of scenery. he is a 75 lb 3yr old boxer, so this is no stroll in the park. we walk at a brisk pace after he marks his territory. he loves it too, you can't say the word walk in our house now without him going bonkers. he urges me out the door every day and than urges me on down the trail too. we both love the new exercise routine.

  2. Having a dog to walk is a great way to get your exercise in each day! One that beefy is hard to ignore. :) Maybe I'll have to borrow one from a neighbor! Being outside yesterday was fabulous.


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