Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Keep it to yourself

Many of us share lots of aspects of our diabetes lives online for the world to see.  What are some of the aspects of diabetes that you choose to keep private from the internet?  Or from your family and friends?  Why is it important to keep it to yourself?  (This is not an attempt to get you out of your comfort zone.  There is no need to elaborate or tell personal stories related to these aspects.  Simply let us know what kinds of stories we will never hear you tell, and why you won't tell them.)

You will never read on my blog about how hard it is to live with my diabetes. Wait, yes you will.

I will never write about my frustrations, feelings of failure or depression when it comes to my diabetes. Hmmm, maybe that’s not true.

My successes? Naw, never here.

Posts about foods that work for me or are good substitutes for things I used to eat? Nope.

Information on how you can work with your doctor to find the best plan for you? How to speak up and question? Bwahaha! I’d never…

Lies, all lies. It occurred to me when I was contemplating what to write for today’s prompt that I’m a freakin open book when it comes to my diabetes. I don’t hold back. I’m just a big, dumb dog; bouncing through my diabetes life sharing my thoughts like big, sloppy dog kisses.

credit to my friend Laddie at http://testguessandgo.com/    

I’ve never regretted my approach to my blogging nor to being open with people I meet whether they’re family, friends or strangers. I feel that it’s important to speak out to hopefully help another PWD or to educate the masses. The more people can understand about diabetes, of any type, the better it is for everyone. That all sounds so altruistic and noble, doesn’t it? The truth is, the main reason I do this is for myself. I get so much out of this process that is a benefit to me. This is my diabetes journal; an open book for anyone to read. I blog about my diabetes and am open about it to anyone who’ll stand still long enough to listen. (I’ve said it before: poor, poor Ray. He puts up with so much.)

I completely understand why others may choose to hold things back. It’s their life and it’s their choice to reveal whatever they want and to keep some of it to themselves. It’s damn difficult to write about the hard stuff and I don’t always do it either. Here’s the thing: diabetes is a very personal, very emotional, often effing hard thing to deal with. Every person, whether they blog or not, gets to choose what they share.

When you read my blog you get it all: all the warts, tears, joys and sloppy wet dog kisses.

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  1. And there's not a damn thing wrong with sharing everything. A blog IS a journal of sorts. If others can find something interesting, insightful, funny, or helpful then that's even better!!

  2. I'd forgotten about the big goofy dog graphic. Good post and your openness really helps and hits home for other people.

  3. I love this post. I think about blogging the same way. Cute dog, Laddie!


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