Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Surprise, surprise, surprise!

I had my 3 month visit with my HCP today. I wasn’t thrilled to be going. I fully expected a higher A1c and a subsequent “discussion” about how/why it was going up. I just don’t have the energy to argue. I was armed with my reasons: 

I’ve been binge snacking in the afternoons now and then.

I’ve chosen to eat a few high-carb meals that I knew would raise my bg, and they did.


My A1c is solid as a rock. Steady as she goes. Not wavering and a bloody good number at that. Color me stumped.

I told Terri (my HCP) that I was quite surprised and we discussed the above-mentioned reasons why I expected a higher number. She empathized with me regarding the stress eating (elder parent care). She applauded me for allowing myself a splurge now and then. She told me that I’m doing very well. (Have I mentioned how much I like this woman?) She knows me and also knows that I am fully aware of what I need to be doing and she gave me confidence that I can get there again. It was an uplifting visit (but my arm hurts because I finally got my flu shot. Whine.)

While driving home I thought about why I was so surprised. I’ve mentioned previously that I haven’t been dwelling on my diabetes care much lately due to other issues that require my attention. Again, I’ve not been ignoring it, just not dwelling on it. Looking back over my bg log I can see that the only time I’ve been testing, other than fasting, is when I expected it to be high. I had Chinese food with my son: 197. I binge snacked all afternoon. BEFORE dinner bg: 196. Obviously, those types of occurrences need to become rare but, also obviously, the rest of the time I’m doing just fine! Because I was only checking my blood glucose when I expected it to be high, I had a skewed view of my over-all blood glucose.

I don’t plan any drastic changes to what I’m doing, other than curbing this dang tendency to snack on carbs in the afternoon. I rarely eat a high carb meal and often feel “bad” about it afterward (ie: not really worth the glucose spike). I don’t see this as a problem. Bottom line is that I’m doing just fine even though I thought I was “failing” now and then. Score!

Lesson: It’s important to look at the big picture and don’t make assumptions based on a few high numbers. Oh, and regular exercise makes all the difference. Rock on!


  1. Good work, Kate! And how nice to have the surprise of a good and steady A1c. Miracles do happen:-)

  2. Rock on! Congrats on the great number. I think December in general gives people more of an opportunity to binge on the high carb items. Good for you for doing so well.

  3. Thanks Laddie and Stephen! You two are such wonderful, supportive friends.

  4. I did the same thing and was also pleasantly surprised by my last results. I also think the key is regular exercise...

  5. Exercise has proven to be my saving grace, too (and why are high carb binges so danged alluring anyway???)

  6. I think sometimes we got so focused on micro-managing that we do forget to look at the big picture. But it sounds like you've got things down well, even when you think you don't or think you've been slacking. Good for you!!


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