Saturday, November 9, 2013

The ship, she begins to turn

Most people who are diagnosed with type 2 diabetes don’t bother to do research to determine how best to control their condition, at least that’s my gut feeling.  My gut is backed up by what my healthcare provider tells me is the norm in her practice as well as what I hear in my support group meetings.  Too many people want to pop their pills or inject their insulin and continue eating whatever the hell they want to eat.  At that rate, we are doomed to see a lot of people develop severe complications from their diabetes.  However, there is some hope.

The American Diabetes Association recently released new nutrition guidelines for people with diabetes.  I wrote about these new guidelines here at Diabetic Connect.   As I said in that article, I find it encouraging that these guidelines no longer give a recommended carbohydrate level but instead tell us to focus on nutrient-dense foods, avoid consumption of processed foods and tell us to follow a diet that works for us.  That is refreshing.  Please note that I emphasized the word avoid.  My feeling is that we should avoid them like the plague, which I personally feel they are.

On top of these new guidelines, I’m pleased to see more research being brought to the public’s attention that tells us that saturated fat is not a demon and that eating it will not increase cholesterol as we’ve been told, oh these many decades.  Check out this article if you don’t believe me.
I often feel defeated and hopeless when I think about the fact that more people just don’t pay attention and take ownership of their diabetes.  I’m trying, damn hard, to feel more hope and these two facts that I discuss above are helping.  People will listen to the establishment and the establishment is beginning to change their tune.  I also feel that people need to hear about things that work from Joe Citizen and people who succeed because they take ownership.  I’ll keep on blogging with that in mind.  Just maybe, this ship is beginning to change course.


  1. It will take several more years to possibly a decade, but as long as the ship continues to turn, things may be a lot better in the future. As long as the ship does not hit a rock and go over on its side, diabetes should be better off.

    And you are so right about people stepping up and taking ownership of their diabetes. This is a worth goal for all bloggers with all types of diabetes. I have a blog scheduled for Nov 21 on some of the reasons many people do not take ownership and why. This is a wall that must be dismantled.

  2. Kate, thank you for this post! I'm on the first day of vacation and I left my meter at home because I'm on ,,, vacation! How silly of me! Time to turn this ship around!

  3. Little, enjoy your vacation! Sometimes we need a break.


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