Saturday, March 9, 2013

Out of control

 (I wrote this post back in January and never uploaded it.  Even though the "flu" is in the past, I think this post is relevant enough to post.)
Things are out of control.  I strongly dislike being out of control.  Maybe that’s why I don’t like rollercoasters and bungee jumping….no control.  I’m not a control freak by any means but when things in my life are out of my control I get….grumpy.”  I wrote this in my blog nearly 2 years ago.  Not much has changed, really.  I still get grumpy when my diabetes control doesn’t seem to be its best but this past few days has given me a new perspective.

I’ve had the stomach bug.

This isn’t the first time I’ve had to kneel to the “porcelain god” since my dx, but this time I knew in advance that I wouldn’t have much control over my bg while I was sick.  What can we do when we have higher glucose numbers and we don’t use insulin as part of our diabetes therapy?  We can consume mass quantities of water and exercise.  That’s about all we can do to combat a high number.  Now, raise your hand if you feel like gulping down water and walking on a treadmill when you have the stomach ‘flu’.  Go ahead…raise em high.  Yup, I thought so.  NO ONE!  The other tricky part about having diabetes and the stomach bug is that our liver simply loves to dump glucose if we haven’t eaten anything in the last 5 hours or so.  Lovely.  So now, not only should I be inhaling tons of water but I’m supposed to eat something too?  I don’t think so.  So what’s a person to do?  My best advice is not to worry and just concentrate on feeling better.

My fasting number, after a night of misery, was 170.  Just peachy.  By noon it was 137, probably because I’d managed to eat a half of a cheese stick.  3 PM? 124 (I’d eaten the other half).  Back up to 148 at bedtime.  (I’d managed some soup.)  I didn’t worry about these numbers but I found myself anxious to get back on track today.  I’m still running a fever but I’m able to eat.

I’m not writing this to give you the gory details of my illness but to tell you about a nice side benefit of this: I feel hopeful.

Sometimes when we’re dealing with diabetes we can feel like it’s not worth the hassle or be depressed that we can’t just eat whatever we want.  But think about this, it could be SO MUCH WORSE!  We actually have the ability to do something about our condition.  We may not always be in control but when we follow our plan we can make a difference.  How cool is that?


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  2. I'm so sorry you were stuck with a stomach virus, but I'm so impressed that even then you were able to use it as a learning experience and find a silver lining in it!! You rock!!! I hope you are feeling much better now!

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  5. Do you typically have high glucose readings in the morning? I'm normally at least 150-170 in the morning after a 12-14 hour fast.


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