Friday, November 23, 2012


The Thinking Man, sculpted by Auguste Rodin

When we think about what we’re thankful for, it’s really just an exercise in reflection.  We reflect on our lives and what’s good about it, despite the harder aspects.  We pick and choose the bits of our lives that make us feel better; that focus on the positive.  I often reflect in order to find some rhyme or reason to this existence but, more than that, I try to enjoy moments.

Yesterday was full of moments worth remembering.  The surprise on my mom’s face when she realized that her granddaughter had travelled 7 hours to be with us for Thanksgiving.  Glimpsing two of my sons talking together about some common interest.  Seeing my brother and mom side by side, talking on the phone with my sister.  Hugging my wonderful husband just because.  Enjoying card games and pumpkin pie with people I’m blessed to have in my life.

I wasn’t really concerned about “surviving” Thanksgiving with D.  I pretty much know all the tricks and have gone through 7 Thanksgivings since my diagnosis.  In the past I’ve tried denying myself, over-indulging with a side of guilt and all things in between.  I have stopped worrying about dealing with food-related holidays and tried to focus more on the people aspect of it.  It’s taken me awhile but, by George, I think I’ve got it!  This year I grabbed my smaller plate and put on it things that I knew I’d enjoy without overdoing it.  I had a small bit of stuffing (cuz I adore it) with a tad of gravy on top.  I skipped the potatoes but tried a bit of my homemade cranberry sauce (which I’d never made before.  It is so easy!!  Ocean Spray just lost a customer.)  I had to have a small piece of the homemade wheat bread that my youngest son had made.  So good!  A bowl full of salad rounded out my meal. 1 ½ hours later I saw a 149 on my meter.  Hey, I’ll take that!  Later in the day I checked my bg to see if I could manage a piece of pumpkin pie: Before – 105, after – 117.  Score!  (I even had a dollop of whipped cream!)  This morning’s fasting reading was 109.  Color me happy.

I believe that we spend too much time reflecting on our lives through our utensils.  If the focus of our lives is on food, it can make for a slightly odd reflection.

I’d like to encourage you to focus more on the moments that make you happy and less on frustrations that make you sad, especially if they revolve around food and the things you can no longer eat.  Let it go and enjoy your life.  It feels so much better when you do.


  1. Kate, I love this post! What a great attitude to have! Since we're not having our big turkey dinner till tomorrow, I'm going to try and remember this. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I absolutely love this post, Kate. So glad you had a wonderful holiday. Thank you so much for sharing this, and for taking part in Diabetes Blessings Week.


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