Thursday, November 8, 2012

Day 8: Dear Me

Write a letter to your health

Dear Health,

I’m so glad to be writing to you, knowing that you have improved!  It was a bit scary there for a while, wasn’t it?  Not nearly as scary as some people deal with, but scary none the less.  I remember when we first learned of our diabetes.  I didn’t think that you were in bad shape, but looking back now I know that I was clueless.  Think how much better we both are now that I’ve been paying attention and making some smart changes!  I bet you appreciate that, I know that I do.

It would be easy to rail against diabetes; swearing and complaining and fighting against change, but I don’t see the point.  I prefer to save my energies to fight against my diabetes and beat it into submission.  I know, dear Health, that you would be happier if we weren’t dealing with diabetes but in reality I think you’re much better off with it in our life.  You see, before we had diabetes I wasn’t paying attention; I wasn’t eating properly or getting enough exercise.  Now I am, most of the time.  Because of that you are in better shape and I have a much better chance of living a longer, better life.  We have diabetes to thank for that.  I know, that’s weird.

Diabetes has allowed you and me to have a much better relationship.  I am more aware of you now than ever before.  (I’m sorry for ignoring you so blatantly in the past.)  Diabetes sucks, no doubt, but we have it to thank for our new-found relationship.  You and I are better now and we will only improve now that I’m aware and in control.  I look forward to a long and happy life together.

Best wishes,

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