Friday, September 7, 2012

Please take this survey

I’m calling on all people with type 2 diabetes to complete this survey over at Diabetes Mine.  They will be compiling the information they receive to help them write an article for the ADA journal, Diabetes Spectrum, about meter use with people who do not inject insulin.  This subject is a bit of a pet peeve with me since I’m in the camp that says that there is no way we can control our blood glucose if we have no idea how the food we eat and the exercise we do affects our blood glucose!  Too many people aren’t being encouraged to test their glucose.

If more of the “powers that be” hear from those of us who actually have diabetes, then just maybe things will improve.  Please take a few minutes to complete the survey.  It’s anonymous and quick.



  1. Will do this right away. I've had to fight like crazy for a decent amount of test strips so I can be vigilant in watching how foods effect me!

  2. just finished taking the survey. have a good weekend


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